Welcome to an exciting article about the top things to do in Port Shepstone, a beautiful coastal town located in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Known for its warm climate, stunning beaches, and picturesque scenery, Port Shepstone offers a wide range of activities and attractions for visitors of all ages.

Whether you’re looking for relaxation or adventure, you’ll find plenty of options here. From exploring the local wildlife to indulging in delicious seafood, this article will guide you through the best experiences Port Shepstone has to offer. So let’s dive in and discover the magic of this charming town!

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Our List of Things to do in Port Shepstone

Port Shepstone Lighthouse

A well-known landmark in Port Shepstone on the KwaZulu-Natal coast is the black and white checkered Port Shepstone Lighthouse.

About a two-hour journey south of Durban is the beautiful little town of Port Shepstone, which is home to the lighthouse, which is painted in black and white diagonal lines. The lighthouse is totally automated and has a radio beacon. It contains two standby diesel/alternator sets and is powered by the mains supply.

The light can be seen for up to 26 sea miles and flashes every six seconds. In the event that the primary power source fails, the lighthouse has its own backup power generators and is fully automated. It is cast iron and has an 8-inch circumference.

Wild 5 Adventures

Wild Five at Orbibi Gorge, is one of South Africa’s top activity destinations, has everything an adventurer could want. Professional, amiable, and enthusiastic tour guides, breathtaking landscape, and a variety of adrenaline experiences, the highest of which is the Gorge Swing, make up this package.

With its imposing sandstone cliffs, a setting reminiscent of the rainforest, and a waterfall that plunges 170 meters. The Gorge Swing breaks records. You’ll swing in a 100-meter arc and fall 33 meters for free. It’s incredible, chaotic, and wild all at once! And it’s entirely secure.

The Pure Venom Reptile Park

The Pure Venom Reptile Park has sizable collection of snakes, the interior of the building has five different species of crocodiles, as well as alligators, iguanas, lizards, birds, and even a small farmyard where children can handle farm animals.

The Creepy Curio Shop is also located in the Viper restaurant, where you can get breakfast and light fare. As the largest snake farm in Africa, the Pure Venom Reptile Park certainly lives up to that boast with their incredible array of reptiles.

A wide variety of South African snake species, as well as exotics from other nations are on show. There are nine species of rattlesnakes which are claimed to be the greatest grouping of this species outside of the United States.

Protea Banks

Protea Banks is one of the finest locations in South Africa for shark diving  and you can view up to seven distinct varieties, depending on the season. Including tiger sharks, zambezi (bull) sharks, ragged-tooth sharks, and “Oceanic” blacktips. 

There are two types of hammerhead sharks: scalloped and great. At the Protea Banks, there are essentially two locations where recreational diving can be done safely.The Northern and Southern Pinnacles are what these are known as.

 Due to the enormous amount of sharks in this area, scuba diving is the main attraction. Ragged-tooth sharks and Giant Guitar Sharks can occasionally be seen by divers just past Sand Shark Valley. The Ragged-Tooth shark, a favorite among divers, is described as curious and amicable.

Ntelezi Msani Heritage Centre

The renowned arts and heritage facility Ntelezi Msani Heritage Centre in Mthwalume opened its doors in 2007. The center is essential in maintaining and disseminating the rich history and customs of the Zulu people.

Through artwork, dance, seminars, and musical performances, it enables visitors to experience this distinctive past.The Ntelezi Msani Heritage Center offers visitors the chance to learn about the skill of Zulu stick fighting as well as the elaborate bead and reed weaving. Even the completed work and performance are assessed, with prizes being given to the winners.

Surf Camp Property

In order to give Umzumbe a taste of the SA Surfari experience, the Surf Camp was established in 2013. The home features five bedrooms and an open-concept living space with a kitchen, dining area, and lounge that overlooks the sea. Inside the home, everyone has access to 2 bathrooms and 2 toilets. Two spacious outdoor showers with hot water faucets and a refreshing sea breeze are available for washing off.

The outdoor lounge is warmly inviting, surrounded by couches and pillows for midday naps or leisurely reading. The patio and deck outside were made specifically for lounging in the hammocks, swings, picnic tables, and sun loungers under the fig tree. Two luxurious yet rustic cottages with kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor showers are part of the Surf Camp Property.

BBS Farm

BBS Farm, a women-owned company named after its founders Busisiwe, Bongi, and Slindile, started out as a subsistence business and has since developed into a large-scale international corporation. Over 40 people work for the farm, which grows green peppers, bananas, tomatoes, and macadamia nuts.

A tour of the hydroponic system that waters the world-class tomato collection at BBS Farm, including the Heritage tomato, is one of the attractions on offer. A tour of this developing macadamia plant, fishing for bass, tilapia, and carp at the dam, and stopping for a snack and a coffee while taking in the fantastic scenery.

A farm tour of this seaside region is one of the things you can do to see growing processes, harvesting, and the chance to taste fresh vegetables. picnicking among the trees and buying some homemade food from the farm booth.

Lake Eland Game Reserve

A self-guided game drive allows you to explore the diverse wildlife and flora from the comfort of your vehicle. Visitors can take a  fantastic Zip Line Tour and stroll across our 80-meter suspension bridge.

There are options for horseback riding, hiking, single-track mountain biking, paintball, fishing, picnic areas, and specific 4×4 tracks.

The restaurant is next to a playground for kids, as is the fully licensed tea garden. A major draw for visitors to the Lake Eland Game Reserve is to cross  80-meter suspension bridge. Walking across the Suspension Bridge is not only thrilling, but it also represents a significant accomplishment for many of us who are afraid of heights.

Riverbend Crocodile Farm

More than 200 Nile crocodiles are on show in a natural aquatic environment at the Riverbend Crocodile Farm. The farm serves as a Nile crocodile breeding facility, producing more than 4000 hatchlings annually.

Crocodile hatching demonstrations happen every day at 3:30 pm in January and February. The 3:30 pm crocodile feeding occurs every Sunday. On Sundays at 2 PM, there is a snake demonstration as well. The ever-popular Crocodile Cafe is completely licensed and serves delectable food, including a kids’ menu. A curio shop with a good assortment of items offers many different mementos.

A day spent discovering more about the crocodiles, admiring the exquisitely manicured enclosures that are also the nesting places of several birds, and entering the “snake house” to see the various snakes that live here can be enjoyed by visitors.

KwaXolo Caves

KwaXolo Caves Adventures in Margate is the place to go if you enjoy culture or exercise. The journey will continue towards the KwaXolo Caves while taking visitors along this amazing slope as they are fastened to a fixed cable.

The KwaXolo Caves Adventures, a recently found network of caves with San murals that are more than 100 000 years old, are close to Port Edward, and you can take a beautiful guided hike there. The caves are now easier to access thanks to a new walkway.

The area’s natural splendor and genuine rural community contribute to the appeal. Hike along the mountainside to these caves covered in ancient rock paintings by indigenous San communities.

Beaver Creek Coffee Estate

Visitors to the estate can sample coffee and purchase the range of freshly roasted Beaver Creek coffee and other coffees of the world.

The estate also offers visitors a daily crop to cup tour that outlines the distinctive flavours of the world’s coffee regions and the processes involved in creating the perfect cup.

The Estate Cafe serves delicious meals and a range of freshly roasted coffee all day. The Estate Cafe is open daily from 8am till 4pm everyday and is closed only on Christmas Day.

As the world’s southernmost coffee-growing plantation, the Beaver Creek Coffee Estate is home to three generations of coffee growers and provides the ideal conditions to grow Arabica cultivars.

Clearwater Trails

Along four specially created and meticulously maintained paths, Clearwater Trails offers a wonderful mixture of scenery and physical features. These trails offer singletrack, jeep tracks, and paved roads to accommodate cyclists of all skill levels.

In one of South Africa’s most picturesque settings, Clearwater Trails offers enjoyable and thrilling jogging, cycling, and hiking paths. Along four specially created and clearly marked MTB tracks, Clearwater Trails offers an amazing variety of topography and picturesque vistas. Fast and exciting riding is provided by a thrilling combination of hand-built single-track, jeep track, and gravel road.

Choose from routes with gentle inclines, or if you’re ready for the burn as you climb back up out of the valley, try the more difficult downhill stretch.

The Red Desert

The Red Desert is the smallest desert in the world. The vivid crimson of this dry terrain, which is only 200 meters wide, shines out against the jade of the indigenous vegetation.

In the region, rare and vulnerable plant species have been found. The Red Desert provides a dramatic contrast to the area’s stunning vistas of the UmtavunaGorge and Estaury.

The area’s trail, which is suitable for walking or cycling, highlights the distinctive topography, archaeological discoveries, and a variety of bird life. The breathtaking vistas promised by the Umtamvuna Estuary are likely to impress.