If you are looking for things to do in Pietermaritzburg, you are in the right place.

Pietermaritzburg is one of the best-preserved Victorian cities in the world, located between forested hills and the gently sloping landscape of the Natal-Midlands. The city serves as the provincial administrative center and is positioned in the middle between KwaZulu-game Natal’s reserves, the Drakensberg, and Durban on the main N3 highway connecting Johannesburg and Durban. Pietermaritzburg is located about 80 kilometers (km) to the north of Durban.

It is a gateway between Johannesburg and Durban is Pietermaritzburg, where numerous bus, rail, and taxi services are available every day. Remember that Pietermaritzburg’s passenger train system isn’t considered city transit because it only runs between neighboring towns along the N3 motorway into Johannesburg, not between suburbs. Detailed information on what you can do in the “city of flowers” can be found below.

Our List of Things to do in Pietermaritzburg

National Botanical Gardens

The striking Plane Tree Avenue, Natural Forest, Insect Hotel, Clivia Dam, and theme gardens like the well-liked Zulu Demonstration Garden, Cycad Garden, and a Permaculture Garden are just a few of the attractions at the KwaZulu-Natal National Botanical Garden’s grandeur and charm. Visitors can also experience nature’s authenticity.

The Natal Midlands’ increasing need for tree seedlings prompted the establishment of the KZN National Botanical Garden in 1874. Specifically, the genera Clivia, Gerbera, Kniphofia, and Watsonia are the focus of the Garden’s efforts to collect, display, and support the conservation of these plants.

With over 183 bird species reported, the Garden has a great variety of habitats and (A) section that is planted specifically to attract birds. The Garden is a great getaway spot for friends and family to unwind and make happy memories.

Alexandra Park

Alexandra Park is well renowned for hosting yearly events like Maritzburg Fantasia, a Christmas night market with a unique personality, and Art in the Park, the largest outdoor art exhibition in South Africa.

Other notable annual events are Cars in the Park and Art in the Park.Summer evenings bring a flurry of activity in Alexandra Park as people cycle, jog, or stroll through the jacaranda-lined gardens, which also feature azaleas, rockeries, and a stunning rose garden. The asian-inspired pavilion, also known as the bandstand, was built in 1898, and it is now a national monument where light fare can be enjoyed.

A number of markets take place in the park throughout the year, with the weekly Saturday Farmers’ Market and the monthly Sunday Oval market being the most frequent. With just 12 stalls when it first started in 1991, the Farmers’ Market has grown to a busy 86 stalls and is now held in the park. But because the market is only open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., you’d better wake up early if you want to acquire your bread, cheese, vegetables, and meats.

On Sundays, the KwaZulu Natal Inland Cricket Union’s headquarters, which occupies the neighboring cricket oval, hosts the Oval Craft Market. Another two yearly highlights of the park’s calendar are “Art in the Park” and “Cars in the Park,” a stunning display of classic cars.

KZN Railway Museum(Umngeni Steam Railway)

The 3 ft 6 in (1,067 mm) gauge vintage railway known as the Umgeni Steam Railway is located in Inchanga, close to Durban. The Durban to Pietermaritzburg line was completed in the 1880s, and it passes through what is likely South Africa’s oldest tunnela 53-meter (174-foot) long tunnel near Drummond erected in 1878. The Inchanga Railway Museum, located in the former station master’s residence close to Inchanga Station, chronicles the development of South African railroads.

On days when trains run, it is accessible to everyone. Along with the locomotive the business was founded with, a Class A “Dübs A” from 1892, the fleet of steam locomotives also includes a Class 3BR, Class 12R, Class 14R, two Class 19Ds, a Class GF Garratt, and a Class GMAM Garratt. Umgeni Steam Railway is a non-profit organisation run by volunteers.  The organisation is dedicated to preserving the heritage of railways in South Africa.

Comrades Marathon House

Comrades Marathon House is a museum that houses a collection of Comrades Marathon artifacts and also serves as the location for race trophies and shields that were donated by previous participants. The Comrades Marathon’s headquarters are located in the historic Victorian-style museum. A complete collection of picture display boards detailing the history of the race since its start in 1921 is also accessible.

At 18 Connaught Road in Scottsville, the Victorian-style Comrades Marathon House stands out and is a proud reminder of the city’s history.The house has a unique history, one that is as colorful as the race it stands for and the legends whose names are inscribed on its walls and hallways.

It is the location of the Comrades Marathon Museum, a grand old Edwardian structure that towers above the nearby structures. It is an appropriate homage to the biggest and best ultra-distance road event in the entire planet.

Tatham Art Gallery

Tatham Art  Gallery is one of the South Africa’s finest art museums, the  Gallery is situated in Pietermaritzburg. An notable collection of South African, British, Victorian, and French art is housed in the gallery, which was first established in 1903 and is housed in a stunning Victorian building.

Degas, Picasso, Renoir, and Matisse paintings are among the pieces of art.On the first level is Café Tatham, which serves delectable drinks and quick, basic lunches.

The Tatham Art Gallery collection has a distinctly local feel because to an emphasis on artwork created by KwaZulu-Natal-based artists. The Tatham Shop is renowned for its large selection of handcrafted goods, many of which are produced by artisans in KwaZulu-Natal.

The carefully crafted inventory is acknowledged as one of the most complete and ideal locations to buy regional traditional craft. The greatest espresso in town, delectable teatime snacks, daily specials, and light dinners are all served at Cafe Tatham. Hours of operation may be impacted by holidays.

Tala Collection Game Reserve

Located in the hills of a small rural community, Tala Collection Game Reserve is a wildlife sanctuary. For all kinds of visitors, The Reserve offers a memorable stay.More than 380 bird species, as well as a variety of large game animals like kudu, hippo, giraffe, and wildebeest, can be found in Tala’s 3,000 hectares of acacia thornveld, open grassland, and sensitive wetland.

Tala is a favorite pick for families and tourists looking for a no-frills true bush break with the flexibility to explore at your own pace because it is malaria-free and lacks major predators.

The lodging at Tala is earthy luxury in a secluded area.A wonderful variety of rooms spread throughout a number of lodges and homes, they also offer self-catering in their Fisherman’s Cottage next to the dam. At Tala, there is a set daily schedule for game drives, which take place in the morning and the afternoon and are completed with coffee and sundowner stops.

The rest of the day can be spent relaxing in the solitude and comfort of your accommodation, by the pool, or taking a bush walk. The outside viewing balcony of Tala’s main lodge is a great place to enjoy sundowners before dinner.

Howick Falls

Just northwest of Pietermaritzburg in the KwaZulu-Natal province lies a waterfall known as Howick Falls on the Umgeni (or Mngeni) River. With a plunge of more than 300 feet (approximately 100 meters), it is the second-highest waterfall in South Africa (after Tugela Falls).They can hike down to the pool or stand on a platform and take in the cascade. Nelson Mandela’s statue is located next to the falls.

On August 5, 1962, the president elect of South Africa was detained at a roadblock close to Howick. He was imprisoned until 1990. At 95m, they’re the same height as Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and date back to when Kwazulu Natal was first inhabited by man. In fact, this region is reputed to have been much the same for the last 30,000 years.

Nelson Mandela Capture Site

The Nelson Mandela Capture Site is a historical and cultural display that is located at the site where Nelson Mandela was detained in August 1952 for his anti-Apartheid activist activities.

The monument built in Nelson Mandela’s honor and in recognition of his contributions is a striking illustration of the many different ways in which one person can have a significant impact on the identity of a whole country.

The “Long Walk to Freedom” is a feature of the Visitor Center that encourages visitors to experience Mandela’s life story by walking through a beautifully planted garden.A coffee shop serving breakfast and light lunches as well as a gift shop with unique items are also on the site.

The Coffee Shop serves a variety of hot and cold beverages, including cappuccinos, as well as meals including burgers and toasted sandwiches.The Center can create a customized package to meet your needs and can accommodate both guided and unguided tours, school groups, conferences, and other events.

Acrobranch Pietermaritzburg

Acrobranch is a tree-top adventure that gives both kids and adults a new thrill as they move between trees in verdant, lush woodlands. The first of its kind in KZN, Acrobranch Adventure Park is an outdoor activity where participants move from one tree to the next while safely harnessed and continuously connected to a steel, safety line with cutting-edge safety gear.

The obstacle courses include cargo nets, extension bridges, crawling through barrels, and even suspended wooden benches.

It is an excellent approach to put one’s balance, strength, and concentration to the test and to overcome any potential heights anxiety.

There are several courses available for all ages, heights, and levels of talent and fitness. Acrobranch is the ideal location for adventure, whether you’re searching for a fun family activity or a surge of excitement. Their top priority is your safety, so before your journey begins, you will receive thorough safety briefings and hands-on instruction.

PheZulu Safari Park

Phezulu provides a magnificent Game drive lasting an hour. During the drive, you can witness giraffes, zebras, wildebeests, impalas, and blesboks. You can learn about the local medicinal plants while admiring the spectacular vistas.

As an added bonus, Phezulu features a Crocodile and Snake Park where guests can go on guided tours. PheZulu Safari Park is a highly regarded KwaZulu Natal game lodge offering an encounter with wildlife

The Old Prison museum

Some of South Africa’s greatest freedom fighters, such as Nelson Mandela, Albert Luthuli, Alan Paton, Harry Gwala, Peter Brown, Moses Mabhidha, A.S. Chetty, John Langalibalele Dube, King Dinizulu KaCetshwayo, and Mahatma Ghandi, were once detained in this historic jail in Pietermaritzburg.

It has a number of structures that were constructed over the years, with the first, which was finished in 1862, being one of Pietermaritzburg’s oldest structures. A kitchen, an execution block with gallows, torture chambers, and high security detainees are some of the others.

It presently operates as a museum under the management of nearby churches after being closed in 1989 in favor of a newer and larger one in Napierville. It is one of the oldest government structures and stands out for being made of sandstone and red brick. Around 1800 inmates were kept there, many of whom were in custody awaiting trial.

Abingdon Wine Estate

Visitors to Abingdon can savor superb tapas-style lunches made by Jane as well as wine tastings of their wines. They are among the top 100 eateries in the nation, according to a list. For lighter fare, there are platters of charcuterie, local cheeses, and preserves with homemade artisan bread as well as a modest variety of excellent shared dishes like oxtail taken off the bone with dipping bread.

Travelers to Abingdon can savor superb tapas-style lunches made by Jane as well as wine tastings of their wines. They are among the top 100 eateries in the nation, according to a list. For lighter fare, there are platters of charcuterie, local cheeses, and preserves with homemade artisan bread as well as a modest variety of excellent shared dishes like oxtail taken off the bone with dipping bread.

As long as nothing is sold out, you can sample anything. Every year, they run out of wine since they only make modest amounts. In order to prevent disappointment in the tasting room, wine releases are spaced out, with the exception of the reds. In addition to their own wines, they also offer visitors.