While it certainly used to hold the largest deposits of gold and gold mines in the world, Gauteng has since, proven that in more ways than one it is a “Place of Gold.” From the bustling city vibe and incredible cultures to its natural beauty and hotspot tourism destinations, Gauteng has a deep rich history that can be uncovered from the rolling hills to the bustling streets.

If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine. It is lethal. – Paulo Coelho

Playing host to some magnificent, museums, parks, national parks, conservations, shopping centres and monuments. You could be living in the cities and towns all over Gauteng and still not experience all that this incredible province has to offer. Find a wide range of adventures, from man-made adventures, that take you on a wild ride to natural adventures that force you to challenge yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Moreover, why not challenge yourself, with these once-in-a-lifetime adrenaline-filled experiences. Either way, here’s a list of adventurous things to do in Gauteng that will challenge your routine and possibly start you on an adventurous road or simply allow you to recapture the childhood thrill of unimagined expectations.

Our list of Adventurous Things to do in Gauteng

Advanced Driving Lessons and Sportscar Experiences.

Put the pedal to the metal with our first adventure. Driving isn’t just an effective method of commuting from point A to point B. Commercially it helps, but it can also be an effective way to get the adrenal glands going and kick off the adventurous spirit in you.

Advanced driving lessons are helpful to develop your driving awareness, instil confidence behind the wheel, and learn defensive driving to prevent accidents. Learning techniques like skid control and collision avoidance in high-performance driving training will improve your awareness and heighten your skills.

There is also the AWESOME opportunity to be driven around the Kyalami Grand Prix circuit twice in a Ferrari by one of the professional drivers at Pablo Clark.

While the Kyalami Grand Prix circuit and Zwartkops Raceway do not offer these experiences themselves, you can find the best-suited package for you via the following companies: BMW Driving Experience, AMG Driving Academy, Pablo Clark Racing (Ferrari Race Cars), Jaguar Land Rover Experience, VW Driving Academy or book bike courses through Track Daze.

Prices vary, depending on the packages and various companies.

Works on bookings and dates available.

Please note: At the time of writing, the AMG Advanced Driving packages are only available at Zwartkops Track. https://kyalamigrandprixcircuit.com/pebble.asp?relid=2338 / https://www.zwartkops.co.za/amg-driving-academy/#.Yu8vBnZBy3A

Bungee Jump off the Soweto Towers

If you want to earn the title of being a bona fide Gauteng tourist, then bungee jumping off the Soweto Towers is a must.

The massive Town ship is seeping with deep and rich South African history and offers many tourist sites and opportunities for you to get to know so much more about South Africa. As much as touring the historical sites of Soweto, like the homes of Late President Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu, is well worth it. Don’t leave Soweto until you’ve taken the plunge off the Soweto Towers.

Choose between; the famous 100-meter straight jump from the suspension bridge with a rubber cord tied around your ankles.

The straitjacket bungee jump is the same as the 100-meter jump, but you’ll be fitted into a custom-made straitjacket and jump without the freedom of your arms.

For professional bungee jumpers, there is the opportunity to Base Jump.

Done and dusted with the jumping experience, try falling! Yep, falling into the western cooling tower wearing only a harness as you plunge towards the padded blue net below.

The last activities are a lot less daring but just as fun! Play paintball with friends inside the tower base, wall climbing up the tower 25-meters or head up the lift to the Suspension to admire the incredible view. After all the fun take the opportunity to cool down in the restaurant with a lovely Shisanyama meal and beer.

Prices: From R80pp and R1030 pp per activity.


Microlight Flight

Keeping in the spirit of speed and heights, why don’t you take to the Gauteng skies? While as tempting as a romantic hot air balloon ride or a spin in a helicopter seems, we suggest that for the best views of the cities and countryside landscape, try microlight flying.

While it may be out of your comfort zone, the experience is thrilling and graceful as you take off in the two-person aircraft. Gliding slowly over the escarpment and cityscapes with the wind blowing in your face truly gets the adrenaline pumping.

The beauty of microlight flying is that it is much slower and gives you ample opportunity to take in the view and to be in the moment.

Gauteng is the best place in South Africa for microlight flying because of the low wind speeds that enable easy and problem-free microlight flying, plus the views are magnificent.

With Microlight Adventures in Bronkhorstspruit, you can take a trip with an experienced instructor over the escarpment, town and dam. 

Prices: R1200pp for 30 minutes and R2400pp for an hour. https://www.microlightadventures.co.za/

Maropeng The Cradle of Humankind, Sterkfontein Caves

Hiking down 60m below the ground will get the heart racing and the blood pumping with trepidation when you tackle the Sterkfontein caves at the Cradle of Humankind.

Home to the four million-year-old fossils and skeletons of some of the earliest human ancestors to be found in the world. You have the unique opportunity to walk in the footsteps of early humankind.

Uncover the story behind “Little foot,” “Mrs Ples,” and the “Taung child” as you journey through the UNESCO World Heritage site. Rich in Stalactites and Stalagmites has more than 40 excavation sites where new discoveries of early life are being excavated.

Dubbed the birthplace of humanity, the dolomite and limestone caves, were formed about 20 million years ago, making it one of the earliest dated caves of its type.

Walking, crawling, bending, and squeezing over, under and between the rock formations as you make your way down to one of the pools where you get to experience the complete, silent darkness and cold before you make the climb back up leaves you with a gut- humbling and spiritual experience.

Price: Visitors over the age of six: R100

Children under the age of six: Free


Rock Climbing

From rock exploring to rock climbing, this activity sells itself really, not only as a great way to tire out the kids, but you can also get in some well-deserved exercise, and stress relief. There is something to be said about scaling walls, like a parkour professional or a superhero, that just keeps you motoring towards the top no matter how sore you might feel.

Both an indoor and outdoor adventurous activity, Johannesburg, and its surroundings are no strangers to rock climbing adventures. Before you scroll past this one, we’re not talking about the local gym walls, check out places like Ground Zero Adventures in Lanseria, and RockCity in Randburg Jozi where there’s an opportunity to climb walls that are higher than 10-meters.

Outdoor rock climbing, you’ll be treated to excellent views, while indoor climbing you’ll get the satisfaction of knowing you conquered the wall. Once you get the hang of it, challenge your friends to a race to the top or beat your own time score.

You can choose one of the following climbing options; automatic belays, top rope and lead climbing or bouldering, or you can do all three.

P.s. the last one is not for the faint-hearted unless you enjoy the challenge of climbing horizontally under a boulder for the most part.

Prices available on arrival or bookings



Everything that goes up must come down. A fast-growing sought-after activity in South Africa, abseiling is making a massive boom amongst the adrenaline junkies. It is a fun thing to watch on the big screen but a lot harder to do when you’re stepping over the edge of a cliff backwards with just a rope and harness for company.

Get your tummy butterflies flying and heart racing, as you learn to abseil down a vertical rock face. With no professional training needed this activity, can be taken up, at any age. The four venues at Wild Caves offer abseiling heights that vary from 15m to more than 30m in height.

You make the choice of which one you want to tackle first.

You are also allowed to host a birthday party in the bat cave venue or go on guided educational explorations into the other venues and even night abseiling.

Don’t worry about getting stuck on the way down. There are always professionals around to help you on your way.


Prices are R400 for adults and R350 for youth.

White Water Rafting

We all want to relax, on a cruise or river boat tour, drinking champagne and enjoying the silences and sights. While relaxing is great, why don’t you try something more exhilarating?

Give white water rafting a solid shot. Grab a friend hop in a boat and paddle your way over little waterfalls and through rapids and weirs. White water rafting has recently become one of the most popular water sports in South Africa.

Gauteng has such a venue at Ground Zero Adventures. You’ll have the chance to practice on land with an instructor learning how to navigate the river. Then it’s up to you and your mates to get in the river and give it a go. The route is 4km long with beginner to grade four rapids. It may seem a long distance away, but with the fun, you will have on the river when you finally reach the end, you’ll be running to the beginning to do it all over again. 

Whether a strong swimmer or not, this activity is for any level adventurer. This activity is one of the best and most fulfilling you’ll ever experience on the water.

Prices available at booking.


Activity time is between 8am and 6pm and can be arranged before your date of arrival.

Gold Reef City Tower of Terror

Every Adrenaline Junkie knows that their need to live on the edge and chase the adrenaline high probably comes from Gold Reef City!

As a child, from the moment knew about the anaconda rollercoaster and tower of terror, all you wanted to be old enough to be able to ride.

When you finally got to do it, OMG! What a thrill! As an adult your child like heart racing experience is not much different. Especially when you hear the whooshing and joyful screams all around you. Nothing is better than the feeling of your heart skipping a beat as you zoom, under, over and down these mean metal machines.

The park is family-friendly, and kids can also enjoy the thrill of the rides, getting their own fun activities. Recapture the thrill of youth or let your kids experience their adventures too.

If you haven’t done so before some of the best rides to go on are No 1. The Anaconda for its twists, turns and loops. No 2. The Tower of Terror, another 50-meter drop towards the earth and No 3. The Wave Swing, suspended in mid-air rotates merrily as you feel like you’re about to be flung from your seat.

Most of the rides are stomach churning so best avoid big meals before rides!

Prices: R250pp

Kids under the age of three enter for free.


When you’ve reached your stress limit and feel like throwing something, hitting something, or shooting something. Rather than blow a gasket take to the thrilling adventure of a paintball arena. Rambo your way through the various fields and watch the glorious colourful paintballs hit your friends and field foes.

Let the ‘friendly’ war begin with a game of capture the flag, outmanoeuvre the other team, using tactical brilliance, a scapegoat i.e friend you’re happy to use to distract the other team, and a little bit of sneaking, as you capture the enemy flag before they get yours.

Make your way down towards the close combat field where you put your skills to the test this is one of the hardest arenas to not get shot in. Imagine all the frightful things of creeping through a house and having to shoot the first thing that moves before they shoot you.

Not going to tell you, that you’re not getting shot, that’s half the thrill of keeping you on tenterhooks, makes it even better.

P.S. Don’t take on a group of kids, or “Russian and German tourists.” Just don’t!! 

Prices: R200pp

R 100 extra to add another box of paintballs


Canyoning and Kloofing

Another adventure high, that is highly sought after in Gauteng, is Canyoning and Kloofing. Described as getting from one point to another, by using the following techniques, Bum-sliding, rock pool jumping, scrambling, hiking, abseiling and swimming. These can be a little strenuous and daunting but well worth the effort.

Hiking through scenic routes and landscapes, you will eventually get to jump into a rock pool or slide down next to a waterfall where you get to explore rivers and gorges below. For a full Canyoning and Kloofing adventure, 1 on 1 adventures will lead you on a five-and-a-half-hour trip over more than 5km of terrain. You’ll need to be fairly walking fit and able to swim, however they will provide a PFD life jacket if you’re not that confident in water.

There’s even a mix white water tubing and Kloofing called Geckoing at Ground Zero Adventures. i.e. get the chance to leap off a cliff with a tube and just navigate the river rapids. Weather, you’re interested in more of a rockslide, down a waterfall a Geckoing tube experience or simply just leaping into rock pools, you’ll love yourself for taking on this challenge.

Pricing from R750pp

Kloofing Trips

Price on arrival or booking.


Skydiving and Tandem Diving

The crème de la crème of the ultimate extreme sport is indeed skydiving! Fancy yourself a proper adventure seeker, then you’ll have no problem making your first skydive from a plane at approximately 3.3km above ground, and leap flying about 220km/h towards earth with a 35-second free fall and 6-minute parachute towards the ground before landing?

You will be prepared, for your first literal and figurative jump into your new adventure. The course instructor will lead the group through a fifteen-minute introduction to skydiving before you get geared up and step into the aircraft. From the time you step into the aeroplane, till your boots are on the ground, you’ll have a pretty good idea of the entire activity.

The flight to the perfect altitude will take about 20 minutes, use this time to appreciate what you’re about to do and just enjoy. At just the right altitude, you and your tandem buddy who will be attached to your back will line up and when it’s your turn at the edge of the plane, you’ll take one step over the edge and the rest is history. While your heart might be sitting in your throat at first, try to keep your eyes open and gather in the whole experience.

At about 1.524 km from the ground, your tandem buddy will open the parachute and then it’s a beautiful six to seven-minute gentle glide towards the earth.

Skydiving is not everyone’s cup of tea but if it’s something you’ve been wanting to do for the longest time, head over to Tandem Skydive.

Tandem Skydive R2150 pp Weekend (Saturday-Sunday)

Video and photos hand camera R450pp

Video and photos Deluxe R950 pp

Weekday Monday to Friday R3750 pp (min 2 jumpers)


Mountain Biking

When we think of adventure, cycling is not something that immediately springs to mind.

However, when we consider mountain biking, the thought of being Yeeted off a mountain and forced to navigate and paddle power your way through densely populated trees, flying over boulders and through rivers can be terrifying and off-putting, but it’s really nothing like that at all.

Instead, you can head down to one of the amazing scenic tracks below and enjoy the experience of cycling dirt tracks that have been well designed and maintained to give you a thrilling experience. You can even challenge yourself with longer and tougher routes the more you get the hang of it. One of the most underrated, but perfect activities to enjoy with the entire family.

Ready for this to be your next big adventure? Ready, Set and Go!

Begin with a simple jeep track route for beginners at Avianto in Muldersdrift, or enjoy a combination of routes that vary from 10km, depending on your skill level and fitness, there are more challenging routes and loops.




Taroko Trail Park in Moddersfontein offers a variety of trails for beginners, advanced riders, and families. Take on the 10km orange trail or make your way to the 40km track. You can enjoy some much-needed family time in nature with scenic routes or just put your skills to the test here.

R60 for adults

R45 for kids



Reitvlei Zoo farm, not only offers a wide variety of tracks that are suitable to one’s skill level and choice of adventure but there are also beginner classes for all ages, to get you going, should you consider taking up this hobby permanently.

R150 for a trail access card.


New to mountain biking? Consider renting a bike from your nearest Bicycle store.


Next time you find yourself trapped in the mundane routine of life, consider this list of adventurous things to do in Gauteng and step out of your comfort zone. Take to the skies, the tracks and trails, the water, or the deep depths of the earth to uncover both the bravest side of you and the beautiful hidden gems of adventure Gauteng has to offer.


Which one of the above adventurous are you going to tackle as your Place of Gold, adventure?