If you are looking for things to do in Paternoster, look no further.

Tucked away on the ruggedly beautiful West Coast of South Africa, Paternoster emerges as a haven of tranquility and a treasure trove of experiences waiting to be discovered. This idyllic fishing village exudes an old-world charm that captivates all who step onto its shores.

From pristine beaches to culinary delights and artistic endeavors, Paternoster offers a tapestry of activities that celebrate nature, culture, and the simple joys of life. In this guide, we unravel the charm of Paternoster, unveiling a spectrum of experiences that make it a destination like no other.

Our list of things to do in Paternoster

Stonefish Studios

A must visit location for creatives and artists. Ceramics, prints, fine art, and pottery fill the space. The fact that each piece is affordably priced is a great feature of this art space. The Display shows contemporary compelling artwork and restricted releases by photographic artists acclaimed both locally and universally, and works by arising new gifts.

These prints are displayed on cotton rag paper and canvas. Employment is job-specific, which, due to its ever-changing nature, provides employment opportunities for everyone, from young professionals entering the industry to seasoned veterans.

The variety of productions that take place ensures that they always require all levels of expertise within these various specialist areas (Lighting, Camera Support, Makeup & Stylists, etc.).


Jêm & Pantoffels

A tour of unusual, organic “Jêms” Pantoffels, pajamas, and pamper products like artisan soaps, healthy Buchu, hemp oils, and more is offered by Jem en Pantoffels. They can explore numerous lifestyle gifts the curious little shop with various privately made workmanship, a stylistic layout, and a candy store. In addition to magnets, soaps, scarves, jewelry, flower pots, and wooden decor, you can find delectable fudge, dried fruits, syrups, and other treats. The Afrikaans word for slippers is “pantoffels.” You can do a lot more and find handcrafted items like pantoffels, other memorabilia here, and local-made marmalade. The best West Coast gift shop! a wide range of high-quality handmade goods, most of which are produced locally. unquestionably a must see.


Strandloper Ocean Boutique Hotel

First and foremost, this hotel has spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean. Tea and coffee-making facilities, furnished patios, and stylishly decorated flat-screen televisions are all included in the individually decorated rooms and suites. There are living areas, outdoor showers, and direct beach access in some rooms. What’s better? Parking and a continental breakfast are free.

Explore untamed splendor and expansive white beaches surrounded by a cool and mysterious ocean. The Strandloper Ocean Boutique Hotel pays tribute to the ancient indigenous travelers who traveled this coastline while also welcoming discerning guests who are inspired by the tranquility and surreal beauty of the natural environment. You can escape the world here. Strandloper is a haven of peace and tranquility that is entirely private and isolated.

It’s more than just a hotel. Strandloper is a way of thinking of being one with nature and mixing in with the sensitive excellence of the environmental elements. Discover Barefoot Luxury at its finest at this boutique hotel, where shoes are not required and relaxation is mandatory! On the Atlantic shores, heaven and earth meet. It’s not just another location; it’s a whole new world.


Paternoster Place

Experience the peaceful atmosphere of this historic fishing village when you visit Paternoster: whitewashed cottages, long stretches of sand for strolling at sunset, a diverse selection of restaurants and coffee shops, and a world-class town with an art studio are all here. The heart of Paternoster is Paternoster Place. The old fishing town of Paternoster is right in the middle of Paternoster Place.

There are fishing opportunities, beautiful beaches, and more in this peaceful area, which also has stunning white-washed cottages. Numerous must visit bars and restaurants are all within easy walking distance of this location. Those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city will appreciate the safety and tranquility of the neighborhood. The family-owned business has been around for a long time. located in the heart of the business district.

The Noisy Oyster, Hobnobbary, Lilies, and Oep vi Koep doorstep are all exciting shops and restaurants. Situated on a private, quiet road, restricted to residents only. Parking that is safe near your apartment. Paternoster Place has four self-catering units and an annex room that are all decorated differently.


The Panty Bar

One of the things you need to do while visiting Paternoster is to have drinks at the Panty Bar.Drinks at the Panty Bar are something you absolutely must do when in Paternoster. Strangely enough, this well-known bar once served as a jail. It appears that the collection of “panties” began around 1973.

Even though they are no longer present, the ceiling is lined with these women’s underwear. In the center of Paternoster,  is a historic pub The Panty Bar. The decor of this bar is distinctive and vibrant and has several panty-themed objects.

Visit the Panty Bar to check out the nightlife if your exploration of Paternoster’s attractions makes you thirsty for a drink. The bar itself is small and cozy, and the local bartender will probably tell you some stories. Excellent spot for getting together with friends and family, with friendly service.


Noisy Oyster

Are you seeking a delectable seafood dish? Are you interested in trying something brand-new and exciting? If this is the case, you must visit Noisy Oyster! A wide selection of seafood, steaks, and pizzas are on offer at this excellent South African restaurant.

With a daily menu, Noisy Oyster will never bore you. Modern South African cuisine can be found at Paternoster’s Noisy Oyster Restaurant. The cook changes the menu day to day and could serve dark mussels in white wine, garlic and turnips. The seafood, particularly the oysters, is excellent! Devour calamari and prawns, mussles and the freshest of new fish dishes. Pizza and steak are just two of the many alternatives available to seafood lovers.

For a night out with friends or a romantic dinner for two, the charming atmosphere is ideal. Therefore, what are you awaiting? Get in touch with Noisy Oyster today to reserve a table!


Cape Columbine Lighthouse

The small lighthouse, built in 1936, is worth a quick stop. Castle Rock is a massive rock outcrop on which Cape Columbine is perched. The lighthouse’s design is also a little different from the typical cylinder of most lighthouses. It is a square tower with a slight slope and recessed outer walls that serve as buttresses at each of its four corners. It is the first to incorporate a radio beacon, fog signal, and light into a single unit.

Even if other lighthouses have all three, each one will have been acquired separately. The lighthouse is one of very few that still employs lightkeepers.One of the few places in South Africa where one can stay at a lighthouse is a guesthouse that has been converted from the homes of former lightkeepers. Tieties Bay can be found on the southern end, away from Paternoster.

Drikus Horse Trails Paternoster

Take in the scenery of Paternoster on horseback. Before getting to the beach, the trail takes you through the farmlands of the West Coast. There are a variety of outrides, including short rides lasting just one hour and rides along the beach at sunset.

On request, picnics and sunset drinks can be planned. Mountain bikers and hikers are also welcome at Drikus to enjoy the farm, salt marshes, and beach trails. Some defensive stuff has accommodated those riding, and youngsters are free to ride with their folks.

There is no better way to enjoy sunsets, vegetation, sights, and landscape sounds. Not just you we get to ride ponies in the most lovely spot on the West Coast, yet you get to encounter dynamic characters and astonishing consideration and understanding for ponies. This is one of the best  Western Cape best riding places.


Paternoster Beach

It’s easy to see why Paternoster is one of the West Coast’s oldest villages, is such a popular vacation spot. The long, white-sand beaches are ideal for a leisurely stroll, and the beach’s location allows for spectacular sunsets.

In this charming fishing village, it is very popular to watch the whales and dolphins from Paternoster Beach. You can buy freshly caught crayfish right off the boat from the helpful fishermen. Any of the small eateries that are located around the stretch of the beach can provide you with mouthwatering seafood.

Ocean kayaking and windsurfing are well-known sports for local people and travelers as is horse riding and moving on board an ocean-side buggy to race along the sands. Jumpers come to the area to partake in the waters and the awesome species inside while skewer anglers swim anxiously searching for their next get.


Paternoster Lodge

The picturesque seaside town of Paternoster is just 90 minutes from Cape Town and Paarl by car. Paternoster Lodge is a contemporary West Coast-style hotel in the heart of the picturesque fishing village of Paternoster. There are seven spacious, elegant rooms with bathrooms at Paternoster Lodge all with stunning views of the sea and the long sandy beach.

All rooms have two-fold beds and in a portion of the rooms, the beds can be parted into single units. All of the rooms have fans, a fridge with a minibar, and DSTV (without a card). The combination of sand beaches and seashells is reflected in the soft furnishings and textures of the interior, and the soft fabrics guarantee ultimate comfort and enjoyment.

Their a la carte restaurant has stunning 180-degree views of the sea and serves exquisite food, including delicious seafood and traditional West Coast dishes, all prepared in an open-view kitchen that is crisp and clean. Their wine list is supplied with various great South African Wines. A delectable breakfast is included in their room rates.