If you are looking for malls in Zambia, you are in the right place.

This place is popularly known for: the world’s largest waterfall-The Victoria Falls, unfenced national parks, its historical and traditional culture, and having a full list of African wildlife within its vicinity; hence, hikers, divers, photographers, and wildlife enthusiasts are no strangers to this country. Zambia, a landlocked country located in the southern part of Africa, has one of the greatest outdoors in the world with outstanding urban areas where you can spend your free time.

The decision on the best malls one would like to visit during one of those adventures can be cumbersome since malls are now ubiquitous. Newer, bigger and better malls have surfaced throughout the years, each having at least two anchor tenants such as supermarkets, multi-cinemas, and department stores. This article aims to guide you through the selection process of the best malls. The parameters used in the selection process include Location-part of Zambia, Major landmarks, proximity to hotels where one will be staying, opening hours, aesthetics, website; Customer care-type and quality of service, escalators, online services.

Our List of Malls in Zambia

Garden City

Garden City Zambia

This gives you a taste of the modern-day 5-star hotels with the most captivating designs, its appearance only will make you want to take that step and visit it. The place has this unique, classy, and inviting image and as you begin to walk through its corridors, you get more astonished by its peaceful nature. It is one place you would enjoy your coffee while reading a book. It is not overcrowded hence has plenty of parking space with the provision of a car wash and a gas station.

It is a newly built shopping center with a unique modern architectural design like no other mall in Lusaka offering an elevated shopping experience. It is located along the Great East Road at the airport roundabout.

It has amazing restaurants such as the Bombay restaurant giving you the most delicious meals with good customer service and areas for children to play around. It has the largest supermarkets including Pick & Pay, Food Lovers, and home essentials for the very best home items you would require. What makes this even more outstanding is the presence of a cinema where you come with friends and family and enjoy the latest international releases. It is also well known for its cleanness, especially in its restrooms. It is everyone’s dream to visit a mall knowing that you can access a clean toilet. Garden city as its name implies gives you the garden experience and a feeling you would never forget. Anytime you decide to visit the city of Lusaka, check out this mall and you will thank me later.

Kafubu Mall

Kafubu Mall

A pleasant experience is what you will get once you visit this mall. It is located in Ndola, a beautiful town just at the junction of roads leading to several other cities and towns on the Copperbelt and beyond, with easy access to the Democratic Republic of Congo which is just 10 kilometers away from the mall; hence, it is a source of attraction to shoppers even in the outskirts of Zambia.

It is a budding retail center that was developed as a public-private partnership between Zambia’s Workers Compensation Fund Control Board (WCFCB) and Heriot Property Limited in the year 2015 and has been a great contribution to the Zambian economy ever since.

The mall is somewhat small in size compared to the others listed above but provides you with pretty much everything you would need. It has fast foods such as The Gallitos Chicken, Hungry Lion, and restaurants offering both adult and kid’s menus, jewelry stores, Debonairs Pizza, furniture stores, salons and also enables you to pay for your bills with the availability of ZESCO, Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation, company offices. Tv subscriptions like DSTV and MUVI. You can also access ATMs from different banks. It is also known for its spacious and secure parking areas and exit areas making it easy to get in and out of the facilities. It is well organized and can be a one-stop place for everything.

Novare Great North Mall

Novare Great North Mall

This mall is the first-ever center to include both of Africa’s retail giants, Shoprite, and Pick & Pay. It is located along The Great North Road and it is the first mall you will see as you come from the northern part of Zambia as well as the last mall you see as you leave the city of Lusaka towards the historic Copperbelt region, therefore, it gives you that breath of fresh air when you return from a long trip and it also serves as a reminder that you’ve left Lusaka.

Its proximity to the Zambian National Heroes Stadium makes it a choice spot for people who come to watch the matches from all over the country as well as from outside Zambia. It is well known for its good parking space and very good security although the majority of people tend to complain about the limited exit areas which make it unsafe in the event of an emergency; for example, fires which point to a need to create more exit areas as a top priority, one can benefit from the wide range of services it has to offer as logic dictates that people go where the services are top-notch.

It offers you the experience of your life. If you are into less crowded places, where you would to go on a date with your significant other, this should be one of your options. It provides you with a beautiful interactive space with various playing zones for children, arcade games, and a play station. This mall has added to the diversity of Lusaka’s vibrant retail sector. Take some time within your busy schedule to explore the amazing mall and you will not regret the experience

Makeni Mall

Makeni Mall

Located along Kafue Road about 3km from the Kafue Roundabout. This mall is your go-to if you want to do some last-minute shopping as you leave the city of Lusaka. The mall has everything one would desire, it has enough parking space with wheelchairs access. Large stores such as Pep and Pick & Pay occupy the largest space, hence, providing you with affordable products. It has many shops including Food Lovers, various bookshops, pharmacy stores, and hair salons. It also boasts access to banking facilities-including ATMs as well as bureau de change foreign exchange services.

It also provides fun family activities during the weekend, including special food offers and a playing zone for kids. The mall is well paroled and provides you with places you can sit and just relax. Do you want a refreshing cold beverage? you are in for a good treat. It also offers fast food places as well as restaurants where you can have a well-cooked meal with some peaceful music. If you are visiting the city of Lusaka don’t hesitate to visit this mall too.

Cosmopolitan Shopping Mall

Cosmopolitan Shopping Mall

Known for its beautiful location and presence of many other stores inaccessible to other malls in the city of Lusaka, Cosmopolitan Shopping Mall is a very organized shopping more with a huge parking space that never runs out. It has a retail area of about 25,799 square meters. It has a balanced display of outlets from grocery stores to restaurants and a very friendly environment for children to play around.

This mall is located near two other malls but it still stands out. It has extra shops providing different services making it the host to the largest number of shops within Lusaka which makes it unique from the other larger malls. ShopRite is the leading store but there is a good number of reputable restaurants, fast food eateries like the famous Hungry Lion as well as banking facilities including several ATMs. Its clean record of security has also attracted more and more customers.


Because it is a bit of a drive to get there, you will find lots of stuff still in stock that might have finished in other malls. This mall ensures you don’t have to travel to another place because it has everything you will need: salon and spas, eateries, kitchen wares, kids playing zones, jewelry stores, and gadgets. However, the absence of a running cinema complex is a thing of concern for movie lovers but other than that it gets the double thumbs up.

Mukuba Mall

Mukuba Mall

When it comes to the Copperbelt, this is the mall on everyone’s mouth, from its outstanding view to its unlimited services. This multi-million-dollar mall is found in Kitwe along freedom way and Chiwala avenue with a retail area of about 28,236 square meters. It is the first large mall to be made in the town of Kitwe. Kitwe residents would travel to Lusaka to do their shopping but it is a thing of the past thanks to Mukuba mall as we now have people going there for leisure, shopping, and others go there to just catch a glimpse of the beautiful mall.

It has the largest supermarkets including ShopRite and Picks & Pay that provide you with quality products ranging from foodstuffs to skincare products. The presence of amazing fast foods such as Nandos with their finger-licking chicken wings and Hungry Lion provides you with the most amazing chicken and chips. Do you want a slice of pizza? It is right here with Debonairs giving you the most delicious pizzas with the right amount of cheese and the right crest. It provides you with the latest fashion as you explore its stores including Foschini, Mud, and Ackermans. Jewelry stores are no exception as well as the famous Mobile City that provides you with the most amazing phone gadgets that are of good quality and class. Let us not also forget access to multiple ATMs and bureau de change making it easy for you to access funds.

As you explore the mall during its night times, beautiful bright lights are lit reflecting its truest beauty from all angles. Keg Eatery provides you with amazing foods combined with amazing music during the evening time allowing you to enjoy the food while embracing the flow of the music. As you enter the streets of Kitwe, visiting this mall should be on your to-do list.


Arcades Shopping Mall

Arcades Shopping Mall Zambia

This mall has been in existence for years and was one that would not capture one’s eye by the site of it but with its increased infrastructural development which is still ongoing to date, it has been alluring to many Zambians as well as visitors. The arcades shopping mall is one of Lusaka’s many shopping malls with a retail area of about 18,382 square meters, filled with stores offering a wide variety of clothing stores, spas, supermarkets, Mica Hardware, eateries ranging from fast-food chains to sit down restaurants including among others the South African chains, Mikes Kitchen, Ocean Basket and Rhapsody’s.

The presence of the amazing Lusaka Royal Casino has made this place even more remarkable, if you are an adventurous person open to experiencing the life of a casino, this is the right place for you. Not only does it give you the world side, but it also provides you with amazing bonding time with your family with its exceptional Ster Kinerkor cinema complex which comprises of 5 cinemas showing the most interesting and latest international movies.

For tourists who want the Zambian cultural experience, this mall has placed a market-Pakati, which means in the middle. It is so named as the market is in the middle of the mall occupying the open space, every Sunday just for our wonderful visitors willing to learn more about the Zambian culture, not only does it provide crafts of Zambian origin, you get the chance to learn about the cultures of Zambia’s neighboring countries like Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The experience is like visiting three countries at the same time. In addition, it offers multiple banking facilities and ATMs along with a bureau de change for foreign visitors. Come and explore the amazing site of arcades and get the full experience.


Levy Junction

Levy Junction

Named after the late president of Zambia, Levy Patrick Mwanawasa, this 28,000-meter squared shopping mall boasts of so many well-known stores including the South African Woolworth, Mugg & Bean, Edgars, Mr. Price, and many others which provides shopping options-clothes, bags, and other accessories; restaurants for local and intercontinental dishes. It is also a home for a large Food Lovers Market and several fast-food outlets and restaurants ranging from KFC, King Pie, Steers, and Wimpy which offers burgers, chips, ribs, grilled chicken, ice creams, and milkshakes. Its proximity to Evelyn Horn College makes it hard to miss. This mall is one of the best malls in the city of Lusaka because of its central location, enormous size and it provides an impressive amount of free parking space. The presence of the Fresh View Cinema Complex with its six cinemas operating 24/7 provides the latest international movies.

The mall also has the pick and pay supermarket which is the biggest supermarket at the mall and provides varieties of foods, clothing as well as skincare products at very affordable prices. If you are a fan of better value to money spent as well as the experience, this is the best mall for you.

 East Park Mall

 East Park Mall

This mall is what you would describe as a peaceful place during the day and the life of the party at night. It is a very nice place to shop and chill because of its variety of stores to choose from. East Park mall is the second largest mall in Zambia with a retail area of 34,000 square meters. Its proximity to the University of Zambia (UNZA) has made life easier for many students to access all they need within a short radius. It is the widest mall in Zambia making it very spacious with enough parking space to accommodate a vast number of vehicles.

This mall has one of the best combinations of stores which includes: Jets, Edgars, Ackerman’s, Debonairs, Hungry Lion, Food Lovers, and great restaurants which provide you with delicious dinners that leave you wanting more.it is also packed with amazing nightclubs such as Chicago’s and Capones which gives you the best night of your life with its amazing music and bartenders that provide you with the best drinks that make you want to just dance and lose control.

This mall will in quick succession make you gain weight and lose it because not only does it provide you with amazing foods, it also provides gym services every Friday from 44 pm to 5:30 pm and if you are not one to lift weights, aerobics classes are also offered where you can shake your body and shake off that weight.

Although this mall does not have a cinema, it boasts of a gaming arcade called Time Zone so if gaming is your thing, you are at the right place. in addition, it also has outdoor playing grounds for children with jumping castles available. The mall is never crowded so if you enjoy shopping at malls where you will have to spend a very short period then this is the mall for you.


Manda Hill Shopping

Manda Hill Shopping Mall

Looking for diversity? This is your best mall to visit. Manda hill is one of Zambia’s oldest and largest shopping malls that has been in existence since 1990 and is located in the central part of Lusaka, the capital city of Zambia, along the Great East Road. It has a retail area of about 43,000 square meters. Over the years, it has undergone great development from being a one-story building offering only fast foods and shopping markets to owning casinos, cinemas, clothing stores, and jewelry stores. It also boasts South African chains which include: Mugg & Bean, ShopRite, Debonairs, Mr. Price, as well as Zambians’ best fast-food eatery, hungry lion.

Because of its central location, accessibility has been made readily available for everyone using either private or public transport. The mall operates from 8 am to 8 pm every day. The site itself is admirable from afar with lights that reflect its beauty during the night and its cleanness during the day is picturesque. As you begin to explore it from inside, it gives heaven on earth kind of feeling, you can’t take the stairs? Well, this mall has escalators and elevators within it giving you options to choose from. Its proximity to various hotels endears it to guests traveling for business or pleasure.

In addition to all its amazing services, it also offers multiple banking facilities and ATMs along with a Bureau de change for foreign visitors, that is why this mall should be your number one if you are looking for diversity.

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