If you are looking the best malls in Kenya, you are in the right place.

Kenya is experiencing an escalation in the number of malls developed within Nairobi. Nairobi is made up of western culture and idealistic African spirit. Because it’s a commerce and entertainment hub, you’ll get foremost international brands and restaurants such as KFC and local brands. Several malls were constructed in the previous decades, each having international appeal due to the activities they host. These malls provide you with everything you need under one roof.

Most of these malls are located in the capital city, Nairobi. Nairobi is the country’s economic hub, and it hosts most of the shopping centers. These malls significantly serve a growing Kenyan bourgeoisie with disposable income, and there are new standards regarding their size, use, and quality. With new malls, there is a propensity towards mixed-use centers than retail centers that were initially preferred. This extends to facilities such as offices, leisure, and retail.

List of top Malls in Kenya

Many investors have opted to develop malls to provide a better shopping experience. Many of these malls are located in Nairobi, including:

Two rivers mall

Located along Limuru road, Two Rivers is the largest mall in Kenya, covering up to 67,000 sqm. The name “Two Rivers” is derived from River Gachie and River Rui Ruaka. Various activities carried out in the mall use water from the two rivers. The mall sits on a 102 acres-land, which is spacious enough to provide eye-catching scenery. The land was purchased from the koinange family for 1 billion.

Two Rivers mall is the newest mall and was launched in 2017. The mall is owned by Centum Group, and it’s considered the largest in East Africa. Among those who had shares include the late Chris Kirubi (58%), ICDC (3%), and AVIC international (39%). The construction amount is estimated at 15.5 billion. The infrastructural development costs 5.8 billion, while the apartment construction costs approximately 3.8 billion.

The mall has a ferries wheel to deliver comfort for those seeking to enjoy the magical views of Nairobi city. Visitors can also enjoy flume rides and aqua play services. This, among many other facilities, improves the beautiful nature of the mall. You’ll also enjoy a cool experience in building houses Carrefour, LC Waikiki, and City Lodge.

Garden City Mall

Garden city mall is located along Thika highway, 15 minutes away from CBD (central business district). It is the second largest mall in Kenya, providing 3 acres of recreational park, attracting visitors to enjoy the vicinity with their kids. The mall was launched in 2015 and continues to deliver a better experience as expected by visitors. Garden city mall is owned by a UK-based company – Actis Africa. Paul Fletcher is the CEO of the company, and he has shown perfect leadership skills.

The mall hosts over 120 local and international brands. Additionally, it hosts IMAX, the largest East African cinema, at affordable prices. The mall includes fancy restaurants, making it the perfect destination for leisure purposes. Garden City Mall has residential apartments and shopping areas that can easily be accessed.

The mall also includes playground and water foundations for your kids. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about the parking space. And the most interesting part is that Garden City Mall offers medical facilities.  

The Hub Karen

The Hub Karen is located in Karen, an estate in Nairobi. Karen estate is known to be the location of wealthy people in Kenya. The Hub Karen was launched in 2016 and has attained steady business flow. The mall covers 35,000 square feet, accommodating 55,000 visitors weekly. The mall is managed by Broll Property Group Kenya Limited. The ownership of the mall is managed a billionaire Humphrey Kariuki. The mall offers numerous services, including 1,200 packages for visitors, plus over 85 stores and numerous other services.

The Hub Karen consists of fitness and medical facilities for visitors. Additionally, it has an option for parents seeking to take their kids to various places to enjoy indoor games.  

The mall also consists of eateries that serve mouth-watering foods. You’ll also enjoy local and global cuisine and free WIFI. 

The Junction Mall

The junction Mall is named based on its location along King’ara road, Ngong road, and Naivasha road. The mall was launched 15 years ago and has achieved steady business operation. The mall has more than 120 stores to provide visitors with multiple services. The mall hosts a three-star hotel and global stores. It also features international brands like Woolworths and Adidas. Additionally, visitors can enjoy the latest international movies at the movie theatre.   

The junction mall is owned by Actis Africa, a UK –based organization that owns Garden City Mall. The mall is managed by Knight Frank Kenya Company. The Junction mall offers modernized services, delivering a remarkable experience. Food courts serve both local and international cuisines. The mall also consists of fast-food eateries, allowing you to enjoy burgers or sandwiches anytime. 

The Village market

The Village market is one of the oldest malls in Kenya. It is was launched in 1995 and located in the Gigiri residential area. The mall sits a 700,000 and features health and banking facilities. The village market mall hosts local and international businesses such as five-star hotels and Carrefour supermarkets. It is a suitable and easy-to-access location for visitors. It only takes 10 minutes to drive to the village market mall from Nairobi town. The mall has recorded an increased number of visitors in the previous decade. The village market mall hosts a large shopping area that provides entertainment, office space, and numerous other services. The mall is owned by Mehraz Ehsani and Hamed, who came up with the construction idea. The mall was initially located on a coffee plantation, intended to host a shopping center and offer recreational services.

Since the mall is located near the American embassy, there is considerable international influence. The village market mall has several modern features, and you can enjoy some sporting activities at the bowling alley. Or you can enjoy some games at the virtual reality gaming center. The mall provides you with non-ending shopping and exciting experiences. 

The Sarit center

Sarit center mall is located in Westlands, Nairobi. The geographical location has significantly contributed to maintaining the market’s competitive nature. It’s one of the oldest malls in Kenya, established in 1983. During that time, Sarit was ranked among the top leading shopping malls in Kenya. Today, the mall can host up to 25,000 visitors. The mall is owned by Maneklal Rughani and Sobhagayachand Vidhu Shah. The construction and establishment of Sarit center are inspired by Brent Cross Shopping Centre in London, United Kingdom Construction. The ownership of mall is managed by two families. Nitin Shah is the CEO and the managing director of the mall.

Sarit center consists of over 250 stores that are operated both locally and internationally. The mall also features the four-star hotel and cinema hall that can accommodate up to 300 visitors.

Yaya Centre Shopping complex

Yaya Centre Shopping Complex is situated on Argwings Kodhek Road. It takes only five minutes to drive to the mall from the Nairobi CBD. It is also one of the oldest malls in Kenya, established in 1983. The mall is still under the ownership of the late Nicholas Biwott, who passed away in 2017. The property is estimated at 3 billion. Yaya center features over 100 offices and shops. Through its management, the Yaya center shopping complex has been registered as one of the top shopping centers in Kenya. The mall features ATM lobbies and the five-star hotel, attracting over 30,000 visitors monthly.

The mall offers various primary services, including the sale of home decors, electronics, and catering. The mall has been evolving since its launch at has several major features.

Westgate mall

Westgate mall Kenya

Westgate mall is located in Westlands Nairobi. The mall was launched in 2007, and the shopping center has shown a competitive nature. Westgate mall was attacked in 2013, raising global concerns. The attack claimed at least sixty lives and injured other tenants and visitors. Since then, the management has invigorated security, making it the safest shopping center in Kenya. However, the attack destroyed several stalls, leading to its 2 years closure. The visitors and tenants who lost their assets were compensated, and the mal regained its usual glory. Westgate is owned by Sony Holdings, an Israel-based organization. The management of the mall is under Vishiali Madan and Alex Trachtenberg.

Westgate mall comprises restaurants, kids’ space, office space, and entertainment services. The top flow consists of a cinema where you’ll enjoy the latest movies. Additionally, it has food courts where you can enjoy the local dish and international cuisine. The mall can easily be accessed as it’s located at Waiyaki way. Waiyaki way can easily be accessed from the Nairobi CBD. The mall has several establishments to provide you with everything.

Galleria shopping mall

The Galleria shopping mall is located on Langata road and consists of various stores such as supermarkets, banking halls, food courts, and ware stores. The mall may not be larger as others, but it has an international reputation.

NextGen mall

The NextGen mall is situated along Mombasa road. It’s a common shopping destination due to its location and proximity to the Nairobi CBD. The mall has more than twenty retail outlets and provides you with everything under one roof. It also features fast food eateries and food courts, serving local and international cuisine. 

The upper floor consists of numerous bars and restaurants, allowing you to sample some local drinks and check what it can offer. The mall is located near major hotels such as Ole Sereni and Eka. This eases your movement from your accommodation to the mall.  

The rise of shopping malls in Kenya

Nairobi is positioned among the major towns in Sub-Saharan Africa, and besides South Africa, it’s the largest shopping center development location. This has significantly inspired other satellite towns such as Mombasa, Nakuru, Thika, and more, which are coping with the pace.

Also, there has been a collateral increase in foreign investment in the real estate market due to Kenyans’ favorable returns and voluntariness to support the growth of shopping centers. This massive investment has propelled Nairobi even with the sparkled concern regarding the new center project’s viability. There are oversupply fears with shoppers shifting from older centers to modernized ones. Therefore, the shopping center landscape is significantly revolving around the underway development of many centers and restaurants within Nairobi, all seeking attention from the city’s growing bourgeois.  

Retail Centers and Mixed-Use

Initially, one building would consist of retail space on the lower floors, office space on the upper floors, and penthouses on the uppermost floors. Today, there are well-integrated mixed-use inventions that provide commercial, residential, and retail space on a larger scale, with good examples being Two-rivers mall, The Hub Karen mall, and Garden City mall.

Satellite areas have also recorded development where various projects are incorporating industrial use and serving as mixed-use for retail, residential and commercial space. 

The live-work-play trend is rapidly gaining popularity in major cities across the world, Nairobi being one of them. This brings home, offices, shops, and recreational spaces close to each other. This has been slightly attributed to the growing bourgeois who implement the one-stop-shop idea and those with disposable income to create consumer interest. 

These mixed-use developments have similar designs to the city hub, providing enough space to live, work, and play. When all needs are within easy reach, there is enough time and greater efficiency to do all these things. For companies, this can increase productivity and mean more time and recreation for employees living within the developments.

The bottom line

Shopping malls allow you to access everything you need under one roof. Different shopping malls allow different means of payment, easing your shopping. Kenya has numerous shopping malls, all based on advanced technology. Nairobi is a perfect destination to take your shopping experience to a new level. The city hosts several malls, all having international appeal due to the activities they host. The above discussed are the top largest malls in Kenya, all located within Nairobi city.