If you are looking for fun things to do in Plettenberg Bay, you have come to the right place. Of all the holiday towns and destination in South Africa, few would argue that Plettenberg Bay is the most beautiful. Here, natural beauty abounds, with a mild climate, glorious sunshine and unique vegetation.

Our List of Things To Do In Plettenberg Bay

There is much to keep yourself busy with in Plett, from day trips to nearby towns and other must see destinations, to endless sport endless sport, beach and other wildlife activities. Of the hundreds of things to so in this location, we have made a list of our favorites

Visit the beach.

Plettenberg Bay is famous as a holiday town because it has no shortage of beaches. Most of the beaches have achieved blue flag status and there is variety to satisfy the needs of different holiday makers. The most popular is likely Central Beach, which is the main beach of Plettenberg Bay, situated right next to the city center. Central beach is the busiest of them and during the summer season it is frequented by holiday makers.

During this season there are lifeguards on duty so it is the best bet for some family fun. The beach is also near everything, with restaurants, bars and cafes a short stroll away. Like any main beach, it also has ablutions and convenience facilities.

Central Beach

If water sports are your thing, Robberg Beach is the beach of choice in Plett. It is popular for surfing and body boarding, and many water sports events are held at this beach annually. The beach also has public facilities, parking area and wheelchair access. Even if you are not in it for the sports, many visitors enjoy the beach for long walks on the coastline that stretches between Robberg Peninsula and Beacon Island.

If you are looking for something wilder, Keurboomstrand Beach offers the beauty of the others, with the peace and tranquility of fewer people. It is 10km from Plett Central and is a neat escape for those of use who are more adventurous.

Plettenberg Bay Game Reserve

Just because you are at the beach, does not mean you can’t have a safari-like experience. You can experience the wild magic and African bush setting at Plettenberg Bay Game reserve with a 2-hour game drive. The game reserve is situated against the foothills of the Tsitsikamma Mountains and is the perfect change of pace for your coastal holiday.

The Plettenberg Bay Game reserve is home to all five of South Africa’s Big 5, so this is not a scaled down bush experience by any means. You will be able to see the full complement of lions, leopards, buffaloes, rhinos and elephants. There are other any animals you will see on you expeditions, with various species of antelope, giraffes crocodiles and many more species of animals and bird life calling this place home.

Plettenberg Bay Game Reserve

On your 2-hour drive, you will have the knowledgeable game rangers guiding you through the large tract of wild land and giving you all manner of interesting facts about the animals and environment. To get the most out of the drive, make sure you ask questions as the rangers are always eager to share their knowledge.

A nice additional option is that if you have horse-riding experience you can explore the land on horseback with the 2-hour Horse Safari, which is also open to kids 13 years and older. For more information and bookings, you can visit Plett Game Reserve’s official website.

Wine Farm Tour

The top class vineyards in South Africa aren’t only found in Cape Town. Plett has had a burgeoning wine industry in recent years and the area is becoming recognized as South Africa’s newest origin of wine region. You can visit many from the growing list of vineyards and tasting rooms.

One of the more popular ones is certainly Bramon Wine Estate, which was the very first wine estate in the area. If you want to know about the history of Plettenberg Bay’s up and coming wine industry, then there is no better place to do so than at Bramon Wine Estate. The tasting room is a lively experience, usually filled with visitors and has frequent specials on wines.

They also have a picnic area and can order picnic crates in advance. No booking is required and the tasting room is open from Monday to Sunday from 11:30 to 17:00. There is also a popular restaurant on the estate that serves fresh tapas-styled dishes.

Kay and Monty Vineyards

Our personal favourite is Kay and Monty Vineyards which is equally storied, as one of the first estates in Plett to start planting vineyards (after Bramon). Kay and Monty places emphasis on being a boutique vineyard and if you have a taste for the finer things and exclusivity, you can’t go wrong here. The restaurant has one of the best views any wine estate in South Africa, and is perfect for an intimate outing.

The vineyard has a lot of character and story behind it and you can hear about it all on your visit. The operating hours are from 11:00 to 16:00 from Tuesday to Sunday. To avoid disappointment, you should book in advance during in season as the vineyard’s restaurant and tasting room are very popular.

If you want a guided wine tour where you can experience some of the wines and be driven to the vineyards and back home, check out Plett Wine Tours.

Robberg Hiking Trail

The Robberg hiking trail is one of the most scenic in South Africa, and easily the most popular activities in the Plettenberg Bay area. There is plenty to take in, from huge sandstone boulders to rock pools and majestic views of the Tsitsikamma mountains. You have a choice between three circular routes. The Gap is the easiest route and is 2.5km long walk to the beach on a well beaten path. This one is ideal for a leisurely outing and you can even have the children along for the hike. Then there is the Witsand, which is 5.5km long on a coastal path. For the veterans of hiking, the Point is a 11lm long circuit and takes up to 4 hours to complete.

Robberg Hiking Trail Seal Colony

To do the hiking trails, you must be reasonably fit and wear appropriate gear like hiking shoes and suitable clothing that is comfortable and allows for free movement. Parts of the hike are definitely challenging. If you are fit, it is well worth the effort with the beautiful sights that you will see. Your trek is rewarded with breathtaking views and a varied landscape with sandstone boulders, coastal dunes, marvelous ocean views, and forest to name a few.

Along with the scenery, there is a diverse wildlife of birds and seals that you will see on your trip. Entrance into Robberg Nature reserve is an affordable R50 per person. Do not forget your camera as this is one of the most scenic hikes you can have and you want to take some of that home with you. Also remember to take enough water to drink on the hike as there is no water along the route.

Art Galleries

Why not slow things down and make a stop by at one of Plettenberg Bay’s art galleries. The town is just as much a hub for artistic expression thanks to its natural beauty. Plett has a diverse community of artists, with their works to display at local galleries. The Lookout Gallery is the most popular art gallery in the town and features exhibits from prominent South African artists. It has been around since 1974 and features a collection of artworks that exemplify the character of the region.

Visit gallery and appreciate the varied exhibits that run the gamut from paintings and sculptures, all the way to printed fabrics and mixed media. The studio is located on the upper level of the Lookout Centre and operates from 10:00 to 15:30 on weekdays.

Plettenberg Bay Art Gallery

Plett Puzzle Park

One of the most mind-challenging places to visit when in Plett, the Plett Puzzle Park is a must-visit for those who enjoy critical thinking, mazes and nature. Also, great for changing sullen teenager attitudes into a more positive outlook and excellent bonding time for the family and a great way to get people off of their cell phones for a few hours or more.

Offering a maze walk, a puzzle walk or a combination of them both you will find yourself having quite the time attempting to solve puzzles along the route. These mazes and puzzles are similar to an escape room just with more walking, and instead of one big problem, you have a variety of smaller problems to solve. There are nine puzzle stations for you to visit, and you have a certain amount of time to solve each puzzle before being allowed to move on.

Plett Puzzle Park

It is gratifying being able to answer these puzzles within the allotted time frame, and at times just a little bit of frustration might escape you. It makes you feel like a character from Uncharted or Tomb Raider if you have an imagination that is. Not only can you participate in these walks, but you can also hang out at their cafe, get a drink or some ice-cream and appreciate the scenery. The staff are also amicable and welcoming, which makes this venue even better.

The Plett Puzzle Park is an excellent spot to bring sullen people, those who like a challenge and brilliant for kids birthday parties. Wear closed shoes though and bring bug spray because there are quite a lot of bugs.

Adventure Land – Water Slides and Play Park

Adventure Land is a option when it comes to plettenberg bay activities to bring your kids for fun, to get together with family and have a  braai and even greater for team building or as a treat for your employees.

Built on a natural 24-hectare estate, you’ll have plenty of options for where to relax and enjoy the pool activities: either on the beautiful broad lawns or the sprawling wooden decks located at various spots around the park. It is not just simple swimming you will be doing; Adventure Land offers a variety of different slides and tubes for you to experience. They have a 75m super tube with many twists and turns, a Kamikaze slide which is not for those with a pacemaker and prepare for butt-cheek pain after but well worth the experience.

Adventure Land Plett

If that is still not enough and you want more of an exciting slide then perhaps you should try the Free Fall which is essentially a 12m drop. Again, hold on to your butt cheeks. It’s not just extreme sliding that the park offers, you can take it easy and swim ordinarily and let the kids or overzealous employees enjoy their slides while you relax and enjoy the scenery. There is also a kiddies section which encompasses separate slides and a pool keeping it safe for toddlers and is an absolute delight for them.

Adventure Land is a cost-effective way of spending time with your family, having access to a variety of different events and an excellent opportunity to get out of the house on those hot days or weekends. Accommodation is also on offer if you want to experience the park with zero real-life distractions.

Garden Route Gliding

Garden Route Gliding offers a great way to enjoy a unique and fun view of Plettenberg Bay which no other business has to offer. Take a plane ride with an experienced stunt pilot and see Plettenberg Bay in a whole new way.

Join the crew for a beautiful experience and bird’s eye view of Plettenberg Bay, giving you a whole different perspective on the hidden beauty this town has to offer. The pilots are super informative, and depending on the type of plane ride you ask for you may even get more than you hoped. If you took the aerobatic ride, you are in for a nauseating, and one of a kind treat. You’ll get to fly a plane upside down, perform barrel rolls, and loop the loops and many other awesome tricks.

Garden Route Gliding

A secret skill you will learn is having your stomach reach your throat. Having an experienced aerobatic pilot with thousands of hours under his belt, you can rest assured that no harm will come to you; you are definitely in professional hands. They know how to handle nervous flyers as well, so it’s okay to be completely honest with them on how you are feeling. Or you can appreciate the horizon out in the distance as you explore the awesome power of the plane around you.

Booking a session with Garden Route Gliding is a must-do if you are looking for some adventure in Plettenberg Bay, and is an excellent gift to surprise those with a flight fetish or those who appreciate the exhilaration that comes with being in the sky. It is a once in a lifetime thing, to do tricks in a stunt plane. Bring a barf bag with, just in case.


Become the adventurer you always wanted to be with Afriabseil. Let go of your fears, not the cliff that you will be scaling, and enjoy a pure and unhampered adrenaline rush of activity.

Surrounded by a beautiful forest, experience the ultimate testing of your stamina and see what you are capable of, assisted by your fantastic guides, rest easy, knowing that you will be in safe hands when scaling an ancient 50m cliff down into a gorgeous riverbed. Your heart will immediately start thumping as you receive an introduction to ViaFerrata climbing and so much more. Although you might be heavily focusing on what your guides are teaching you or assisting you with, don’t forget to stop after a hectic encounter and take in the beautiful scenery that surrounds you. That by itself is yet another reward when exploring the pleasing world of abseiling.


Abseiling is an opportunity for an excellent bonding experience to have with your children, being outside and active and showing that through perseverance and careful planning, the seemingly impossible situations that people face, can be overcome with determination. Going abseiling does require a healthy heart, so if you are unfit, then you should expect one hell of a challenge. Also, don’t be surprised if you are incredibly sore the next day; however, once completing this activity, the feeling is immeasurable and should outweigh the feeling of aches and pains.

A gift for the adventurer, a location for the explorer, the challenge for the adrenaline seeker, abseiling is a gift that will please a variety of different people. An absolute must-do when in Plettenberg Bay, you will not be disappointed.

Water World Wild Waters Fun Park

Welcome to Water World Wild Waters Fun Park. A venue for all ages, a place to get wet, pools to cool down in and slides to keep you and the kids entertained.

Get ready to be busy all the livelong day because you will not be able to take a break once setting a foot inside this park. The park having so many different slides, there is something for everyone. There are slides aimed at the toddles and a pool for themselves, so no worries about if someone might get hurt.

There are a variety of different slides and tubes as well for you to enjoy and all very family-friendly. If the kids are not exactly keen on swimming anymore or if they want to take a break, there is also a play park which has a jungle gym.

Wild Waters Fun Park

There is also a sandpit where the children are welcome to go nuts in or make use of the putt-putt course, which is also nearby. When the kids are feeling hungry, or maybe you are just a bit peckish, there is also a cafe and a restaurant on site where you can order food and drinks and relax for a little bit.

Water World Wild Waters Fun Park is an excellent place for family visits; hours of fun await the kids with all the different activities available to you.  The venue is safe and secure, with ample parking. Throw in accomodating staff and an inexpensive entrance fee, and you have yourself a winner for a cold day, a non-beach day or a completely relaxed Sunday where your power needs replenishment and when your kid’s energy needs depletion.

Skydive Plettenberg Bay

One of the most invigorating things you can do if you want to earn significant respect, then taking part in a tandem jump gives you instant street credit at the office, and you become a hero overnight. Allow Skydive Plettenberg Bay to play a role in the transformation of this status.

At Skydive Plettenberg Bay, you can have the privilege of experiencing the most scenic freefall in the world and see Plettenberg Bay from the skies above. On arrival be greeted by a team of six very experienced people who give you the safety tips of the tandem jumping, how it works, precautions, what not to do and in no time at all, you will be enjoying about a 20 to 20 min flight up to the altitude for the jump.

Skydive Plettenberg Bay

They take care not to push you too much if you all of a sudden have a change of heart, but their encouragement is incredibly useful and does get you pumped up to make the jump. Nothing beats the adrenaline rush of freefalling towards the earth at about 200km per hour. For an extra fee, the guys here will also take a few pictures of your jump and even a video if requested. Keep in mind; you will probably look ridiculous in the video; however, when showing to friends and colleagues, the come back is at least “Have you jumped out of a plane?”

Leaping from a plane in flight is one of the scariest things you could do, but it is entirely worth it, and you should take the opportunity if someone is making an offer. Skydiving is a great gift and a mind-blowing experience that everyone can appreciate and enjoy.

Offshore Adventures

OffShore Adventures offers a unique and rewarding activity that not many people can say that they have done. If you like cuteness, swimming and seals, this is for you.

Most tours out on the water last about an hour and you hope to see something, with OffShore Adventures there is a guarantee that you will see something and it the tour can last anywhere from 3 hours to 5 hours in some cases.  Before leaving on your boat ride you will meet the team, and they will explain to you what will happen, the safety procedures and what to expect. After that, take a 20 journey out at about nine nautical miles offshore, once you reach your destination, you’ll receive an introduction to a multitude of different marine life.

Offshore Adventure Plettenberg Bay

That’s all dandy and fine, and you might spot some sharks, and maybe dolphins chasing some sardines, and yes, it’s very nice to discover, and there is a wow moment to be had, but what if I told you there is more? You see, it’s not just about learning about these different oceanic creatures, but you also get to swim with one of them. You get to swim with 100s, and upon hundreds of cute and playful seal pups, it is one hell of an experience. While they playfully swim around you, your guides will be telling you facts about them, the ecology, and their habits.  Truly one of the most fantastic experiences anybody could have.

The whole team at OffShore Adventures should be immensely proud. Their fantastic work, strong professional ethics and friendly nature all shines through when having a tour with them. We highly recommend it.

Zipline in Plett

Zip-lining by itself is fun; zip-lining in Plettenberg Bay is incredible. Zipping past forest trees and being able to see the wildlife as you speedily zip down to another location is so good, that we’re wondering if you have already booked a session.

The adrenaline from nearly smacking a tree or seeing how high you are and fearing that you are going to fast is one to be savoured and enjoyed. There are also different lines that you zip down so there is a different experience for each and we highly suggest that you try each one. The staff are friendly, encouraging and full of energy, and they make sure everything runs smoothly. They are also very supportive and will even go over the safety procedures again if you are not feeling confident.

Ziplines in Plett

They are the most accomodating people by far. They also give you information on the forest areas, and you’ll learn some interesting facts about the local wildlife. Zip-lining is a great place to bring your family, friends and colleagues for teambuilding. Nothing will put a smile on the face of a person quicker than watching a screaming teenager or an obnoxious colleague scream on the way down to their destination.

Zip-lining in Plettenberg Bay is a must-do on everyone’s itinerary when visiting. Appreciate the fun and enjoy the beautiful nature that will surround you plus expect copious amounts of giggles and screams. Bring comfy shoes and pants and forget about the world for a couple of hours.


AfriCanyon River Adventures

This one is a bit of a hidden gem in Plettenberg Bay activities. Get ready for a wild adventure with AfriCanyon River Adventures. Venture into a whole new world that will leave you with wanting more.

Take part in a unique journey with highly qualified and professionally trained guides, where you will abseil in and around waterfalls, swim in crystal clear spring water, zip-line between trees and take epic jumps off of canyon cliffs into the rivers below. Don’t stress; you will have all the safety equipment that you could need. The equipment is well maintained, and the main staff priority is keeping everyone safe which is appreciated.


Plus, they add in a good sense of humour which helps keep the morale up because at some points you might be kind of tired and a little grumpy. Want a beautiful backdrop for your pictures? Look around you; nature surrounds you everywhere here, but you got to get climbing to get there, and with these excellent, enthusiastic guides at your back, there is nothing that you won’t be able to accomplish.  You will also explore the most amazing caves and experience a more beautiful side of life, appreciating the natural erosion that has taken place on the cave walls.

Going for an expedition with these guys is one of the smartest things to do. Humble as pie, quick to rev you up, this is an excellent way to bond with fellow outdoor enthusiasts or as someone who might want to get into the world of kloofing. AfriCanyon River Adventures is the place to be and ask the guides anything; they are welcoming to everyone and everything.

Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary

To round up all the hustling and bustling that Plettenberg Bay has to offer it is now time to take a relaxing stroll at the Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary and appreciate some animals.

The sanctuary is a beautiful place to rest and see all kinds of predators and other wildlife.  The sanctuary is here to protect these animals and educate the world on these predators. You will be able to see white lions, gorgeous tigers and a black leopard. It’s not just predators that are protected here; all other animals are welcome, like zebras and raccoons. While you will receive an enjoyable and informative tour, it is essential to remember that this isn’t a zoo. It’s a haven for animals that can’t be in the wild. If a lioness has cubs, the cubs will stay with her; removing the cubs is not an option.

Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary

They try their best to make the sanctuary as natural as possible in an attempt not to affect the animals’ normal behaviours in a negative way. It is a beautiful place to visit, and once you realise what is happening with hunting and how these animals are in danger, you will be looking at these creatures in a whole new light and realise that there is a much bigger problem that needs to be solved.

There is also a lovely restaurant on site that has tasty toasted sandwiches, and the sanctuary has wheelchair access too. There is no reason for you no to visit this beautiful place.

Did we miss any of your favorites? Let us know what your favourite things to do in Plettenberg Bay are.