If your traveller’s thirst has you searching for things to do in Montagu, your palate is in for a real treat! Montagu is one of those endearingly off-the-beaten-track towns you just need to spend some time in, with something for everyone to enjoy.

Take your pick from activities such as hiking and cycling, wine tasting, perhaps, or visiting museums, with so much more to see and do in this western Little Karoo, picturesque town. It’s no further than about 180km from the world-famous Cape Town.

A mere stroll (or very slow drive) through Montagu is like living an experience of a history-and-art lesson in one pleasant outing.

The many cool places to see and fun activities to get lost in, during a short visit, will have you either vowing to come back again as soon as you can, or extending your stay on the spot!

So take a hint and rather plan to stay for as long as is possible…

You’ll definitely need more time than you think… If of course you don’t want to drive away feeling like the Montagu cocktail to quench that traveller’s thirst of yours must have been missing a few of the ingredients that make it as understatedly famous as it is.

Quick List of Things To Do in Montagu

  • Simonskloof Mountain Retreat
  • Visit Avalon Waterfall
  • Montague Village Market
  • Hiking Trails
  • Breede River Cruise
  • Montagu Museum
  • Eseltjiesrus Donkey Santuary

Setting the (Breathtakingly Beautiful) Scene for Things to Do in Montagu

Montagu is a cute little town known as being a historic connection-point between Cape Town, Oudtshoorn, the Garden Route, and I suppose the Eastern Cape Province. Its strikingly expressive natural beauty and splendour is the stuff of creative souls’ dreams, so much so that author Francis Brett Young elected to spend his final years in Montagu.

But while you stare into what looks like a landscape artist’s masterpiece, the nearby rock formations; the prominent Bloupunt Peak; and the valleys, should all be forming an exciting picture of what will be a fine selection of some memorable things to do in Montagu. Sightseeing might seem like an obvious mention at this point, but we’ll insist on its emphasis and you’ll be glad we did once you come back from your trip to Montagu…

After all, the reason why all who are in-the-know are always taking the 62 Highway, as they travel towards Montagu, is in fact because it was the very first one of Montagu’s activities that attracted visitors to this region. Otherwise that rapidly-forming, beautiful mental-picture of things to do in Montagu wouldn’t be complete if its hot mineral springs weren’t factored-in.

That brings into view the Avalon Springs as one of the must-see places hosting must-do activities, with more of our top-picks in uniquely fun activities and must-see places in Montagu including:


Hiking trails, guided rock-climbing, bowling at the Montagu Bowling Club, bicycle guided tours, Breede River Cruise, Montagu Nature Garden, Avalon Springs day visit, driving tour in an American vintage car, tractor tripping, Bird-watching on the Montagu Leiwater Dam, golfing at the Montagu Golf Club, family fun at the Montagu Guano Cave, kloofing (canyoneering) trip into a remote gorge with abseiling, boulder hopping, bivouacking, swimming…

Absorbing the rich history

Montagu Museum (Old Mission Church & Jouberthuis), Old English Fort, Ibis Art Gallery, Hicks Art Gallery, M-CET Gallery (Culture and Education Centre)…

              Doing your bit for the local environment and community you’re enjoying

Eseltjiesrus Donkey Santuary…

Getting lost in the unique culture

Olijvenhof Olive Estate family farm visit, Capedry Mantagu Farmstall (Cape Dried Fruit Packers)

              Discovering a new dimension to the meaning of R&R, perhaps with a B&B as your base, or any other accommodation type to suit all budgets…

              Simonskloof Mountain Retreat

              De Bos Guest Farm, etc…

Best approach to visiting Montagu

The best approach to visiting would have you incorporating a consideration of the best time to visit, particularly the best time in relation to some of the things to do Montagu that tickle your fancy. The Montagu Valley, to name but just one of many name variations of this magical hideaway, has been referred to as a “tropical oasis in the Karoo.”

Don’t let that mislead you into expecting warm weather all-year-round… The climate is wonderful nevertheless, with warm-to-hot summers, a winter season which is mild, and the lingering mild weather of the unusually long spring and autumn months.

Those are perfect conditions for the main attractions, typically playing out in the great outdoors.

So, if your things-to-do-in-Montagu itinerary has attractions such as the Montagu Village Market on it (which it definitely should), then part of your stay should encompass the weekend.

Montague Village Market: Every Saturday 08:00 – 12:30 (Euvard Park – Bath Street). Ask around for an icebreaking cue with a local or fellow traveller… The Village Market is a fantastic way to interact with locals and fellow travellers, as you browse fresh local farm produce on sale alongside other delicious food, crafted goods, clothing and art.

While locals definitely and rightfully appreciate its beauty, Montagu is indeed a “real” town with real people who lead regular lives, so the weekends make for the best time to catch them while they’re off from work.

Some Practical (and more specific) Inspiration for Things to do in Montagu

Montagu is an ideal weekend break in the Langeberg area (which might be a more familiar vicinity-description if you’re a local), a popular destination due to its hot springs, scenic natural landscapes, a wine-river, and a variety of attractions to visit and explore. Montagu is just two hours’ drive from Cape Town; and just a couple hours away from the Garden Route and Eastern Cape. Robertson and Montagu are just to the east of Cape Town, about 30 minutes away from each other – so you can easily visit both places at once.

It will take you quite a while to get from Robertson to Cape Town, if drive through Montagu and Protea Farm, which is a pretty long detour, but well worth it if you’ve caught wind of Route 62; South Africa’s very own answer to the USA’s Route 66!

Avalon Waterfall

One of the best things to do in Montagu is enjoy Avalon Waterfall. If history and heritage are what you are into, the Montague Springs resort is the place to go. The resort is located just five kilometres from Montagu Town Centre, just 300 metres away from the Montagu Mountains local nature reserve. While there, you may also want to check out Montagu Springs Resort, which has heated outdoor swimming pools.

Visit the Montagu Museum

The Montagu museum — aka The Old Mission church — is worth visiting if you want to take a step back in time and learn more about the charming, colourful history of this little town.

Go on a Guided Tour (with a viny-twist option)

Go on guided tours around Montagu, including tours about art and history. Departing the popular Montagu Country Hotel, you will be treated to an experience that takes in this tiny town, passing by the stunning, breathtaking Kogsmanskloof Pass (which connects Ashton with Montagu) to Ashton, in the Robertson Wine Valley. There you will be treated to a special wine tour.

Quintessential Montagu Activities

Other Montagu activities include a donkey sanctuary and a cave called Guano. Don’t let what may appear to be only a passing mention of these and other Montagu attractions fool you into thinking you won’t regret giving them a miss!

The Montagu Natural Gardens

The Montagu Natural Gardens is arguably the best place to visit and activities to get lost in, in Montagu if you like being outside as it is surrounded by the Tea Gardens and Mountains. Take the family on a relaxing walk, or teach the kids about the importance of keeping a natural space, such as the popular Montagu Nature Garden, available to everyone.

Where to stay on your visit to Montagu

With the epic experiences of this little hidden gem of a town lying in wait, your most natural next thought would likely be accommodation options. Where are you going to stay on your visit to Montagu?

Repeat visitors who explore different types of Montagu accommodation — whether purely by choice or if the budget dictates it — report on the DNA of the town evident in all the different options.

So, whether you stay at a backpackers’ or a caravan park, your traveller’s heart will be beating with the same, unique Montagu spirit that’s felt by guests lodging in a hotel, a self-catering unit or a game lodge.

For example, while basing in a backpackers’ in Montagu is by no means slumming it out like parking in a Southeast Asian hostel, this is a more affordable option for travellers on a tighter budget. However, since it’s a destination best explored on foot, naturally-magnetic points such as the site of the Montagu Village Market, epitomise the few plug-in points for that uniquely-Montagu experience we’re harping on about!

So it really just comes down to your personal choice… Personal choice based on personal taste and personal sense of adventure, when picking out a Montagu place to stay from options such as:

              Avalon Springs Hotel (features an on-site restaurant)

              Rainbow Glen (for self-catering guests)

              Montagu Guano Cave (for camping and caravanning)

              Caravan Park Backpackers


As a gateway to the Klein Karoo, and a part of Route 62, Montagu is an exceptionally beautiful small town, and there is a lot on offer for visitors in Montagu. While one of its chief attractions is indeed the radioactive hot springs, located on the present day town’s edge, there is uncertainty as to when exactly these were discovered.

That in itself only serves as a metaphor for the treasure of rich experiences lying in wait for anyone lucky enough to be searching for things to do in Montagu. With a variety of activities that will keep you busy, Montagu is a great place to kick-back and take in the fresh air.