If you are looking for malls in Mombasa, look no further. Mombasa is an old city that is situated on an island on the main shores of Kenya in the Indian Ocean. It is accessible by boat or ferry and is linked by bridges to the mainland. Shopping in Mombasa is one of the most exciting things to do especially due to its humid air. The city is the second biggest in Kenya and most of the imports like cars are received at the Mombasa Port docks.

Shopping malls have become one of the major modern designs of shopping centers. It is an enclosed building that can host many businesses all under one roof. A shopping mall can hold any kind of business including a hospital. Mombasa has not been left behind in the development of these modern shopping facilities that have gained popularity in the recent past in Kenya. There are great malls where you can do your shopping and enjoy the various eateries within the city. Some of the most notable malls are;

Our List of Malls in Mombasa

City Mall Nyali

Nyali is known for its gorgeous environment near some of the most popular beaches in Mombasa. Located at Malindi Road, City Mall Nyali welcomes travelers who require relaxation and a shopping experience like no other. They can enjoy a tasty Indian or Chinese-themed lunch from the several fine eateries on the second floor of these seven storied malls. There are fashion shops around the mall where you can do your shopping conveniently in a secure and serene place. This includes well-known fashion brands such as Woolworths, Levi’s, and Converse.

City Mall Nyali is a very exciting place when shopping, dining, banking or even visiting your favorite entertainment arena. You can do all your home and kids shopping and have a snack bite as the kids enjoy several play games within the mall that guarantee their security and safety. The experience is amazing and you will be left wanting to come back more often. Some of the best places inside the mall are the Cafesserie which is a French-style brasserie that is distinctly designed to merge high standards of freshness and quality. The coffee shop and restaurant provide the perfect alternatives for all occasions. Other joints are the Crave, Domino’s Kenya, Pizza Inn, and Galito’s

Mombasa Mall

Mombasa Mall is situated at Mwembe Tayari Rd near the Central business district. This mall offers the best of the best adventures, fascinations, and activities that you wouldn’t want to be left behind. The area is friendly for a family outing together with many fun games for children. The mall operates twenty-four hours a day across the week. At Mombasa shopping mall, there are attractive restaurants. Get your hair done at the Mintoz salon and beauty parlor which is just super at a pocket-friendly price.

Likoni Mall

Likoni Mall is best for shopping and retail. It has serene shopping and eateries that are pocket friendly and attractive. Likoni Mall is a modern shopping mall that is profitably situated next to the Likoni Ferry terminal. This enables it to enjoy the benefit of traffic that is experienced at the terminal especially in the morning and evening during rush hour. The small expands on two levels. It offers a memorable distinct shopping, dining, and unwinding experience through its noticeable design, general design, attractive finishes, well-lit and air-conditioned corridors, and shops with clear and legible signages.

The location of the mall is just perfect, especially for the visitors who are experiencing the ferry services for the very first time. Some of the shops that are located within the mall are the Dr mattress, LCwaikiki, and Hotpoint retail stores. There is an ample spacious parking lot, therefore, there is no need to worry about where to secure your car while you shop. There is a jewelry shop that has stokes of different jewelry to fit your needs. The operating hours for the mall are from 7.00 and up to 10.00 pm daily.

Airport Center

Airport Center is an ultra-modern shopping Center located at the center of the compact population in the Changamwe section of Mombasa. It sits on 2.5 acres of land that is a kilometer away from the airport turn-off as you drive on your way to Magongo. This choice of location is best for easy access to modern residential estates and the proximity to industrial companies and the Moi International Airport.

The mall has a ground and first-floor complex for your shopping requirement. The parking area is situated on the ground floor and the basement is well lit with a security camera for the security of your ride.

Nyali Center

Nyali Center

Nyali Center mall hosts some of Kenya’s top brands for hot deals in fashion, tourism, furniture, food, and electronics. Nyali Center is one of the biggest malls in Mombasa. At Nyali Center, your banking options are well taken care of. With more than 14 banks within the mall, you will enjoy the wonderful experience that comes with the top brand banks such as Absa and Diamond Trust Bank.

Nyali Center also offers a top brand supermarket, restaurants, nightclubs, fast food, shops, and showrooms generously spread out in the rapidly expanding commercial hub of New Nyali Mombasa Kenya. With a parking space for over 200 cars, you will enjoy a panoramic view of the surroundings Sea-Beach views with the security of your car guaranteed as you enjoy and do your shopping.

Nyali Cinemax

Nyali Cinemax

Nyali Cinemax shopping mall is situated at Nyali Rd, Mombasa a few minutes’ drive from Mombasa town. The mall is perfect for night refreshments. This mall is perfect for shopping and obtaining a festive with your buddies.

Buy fashionable jewelry in the mall with some luxurious fashionable items such as wristwatches and some footwear, hats, and jeans. After you are done with your shopping you can enjoy some entertainment at the cinema which is one of the best in Kenya.

Enjoy the latest Bollywood and Hollywood series. It is a modern mall that is best for both children and adult tour visits.

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