If you are looking for malls in Lahore, look no further. Lahore is also a famous city in Pakistan. It is the capital of Punjab province and is famous for its great food and shopping malls. It comes up with everything the shoppers need under their budget.

It has beautiful shopping malls, individual brand outlets, and a local market. In this post, we will discuss different malls in Lahore where you can go shopping, eat, chit-chat, and have fun with your friends and family.

Lahore is also famous for its fashion; it is the heart of Pakistan’s fashion. You can easily see the updated fashion in the outlets and stores throughout the city. If you cannot decide which place to visit to get the updated things, we will help you choose the best shopping malls.

Then it will be easy to decide where to go according to your budget and choice.

In the past decades, several shopping malls and fashion outlets have been made with the advancement in technology and fashion demands. You will be surprised to know that many more projects will appear on the Lahore skyline in the future.

There are many popular shopping malls in Lahore present everywhere. Emporium Mall, Packages Mall, and Pace Shopping Mall are the most famous of these popular shopping malls. We will discuss all the shopping malls in detail later in the post, along with the other famous malls.

Discussing other malls in Lahore is necessary so that you can choose the nearest destination depending on your location.

Our list of Malls in Lahore

The Mall of Lahore

The Mall of Lahore is a big shopping mall in the center of the Lahore Cantt. It is a very beautiful area, and if we talk about the Mall, it covers an area of 60000 square meters. You will be surprised to know that there are more than 70 local and international stores of leading brands in the shopping mall.

It is a tall building that is 130 feet tall and has 13 floors. The Mall of Lahore is present between Tufail road and Aziz Bhatti Road. Many of us do not know that it is the country’s first smart building.

Features of Mall of Lahore

  • Free Wi-Fi and internet service is available in the food court area.
  • For men and women, separate prayer areas are present. These prayer areas are available on different floors.
  • A fire detection alarm system is present on every floor of the building.
  • The car parking area is very big, with 400 cars at one time.
  • If you smoke regularly, customers’ separate rooms and smoking areas are available at different levels.

Location of Mall of Lahore

172 Tufail Road, Cantt, Lahore.

Packages Mall

 I am very much familiar with the Packages mall. It is my favorite Mall in Lahore. Packages Mall is famous for its beautiful construction. It is a great artwork that comes up with internationally engineered construction. This Mall was opened in 2017, after which it got popular in several days.

It is a beautiful, attractive shopping mall equipped with the latest fashion outlets and brands. There are three floors in the shopping mall with 200 brands. The Mall is famous for its adorable shopping and is also popular due to its excellent theatre and food court.

In the Mall of Lahore, there is a capacity of 400 cars in the parking area, but this Mall is an exception having a capacity of over 2000 cars in the parking lots. Just like this, it also has more spaces for parking motorcycles.

Features of packages Mall

  • Packages Mall is famous for its great grocery store having all the necessary grocery items.
  • Designer outlets are just amazing, where you can catch the latest fashion.
  • The Mall is also famous for its entertainment, having a big theatre.
  • Food Court is also very good, where you can enjoy tasty and yummy food.
  • New mothers can also visit the shopping mall because it has a baby changing room where you can change the baby’s diaper.
  • Like the above shopping mall, prayer rooms are also on every floor. Keep in mind that the prayer rooms are separate for males and females.

Location of packages Mall

Main Walton Road, near Shahrah-e-Roomi, Nishtar town, Lahore, Punjab.

Emporium Mall Lahore

Emporium Mall is the most beautiful and biggest Mall in Lahore. It is so beautiful that it is famous worldwide and if you are a true shopper, you should not miss visiting emporium Mall Lahore.

It comes in the category of the most famous malls in Pakistan. It was started in 2016 and is spread over 2.7 million square feet. It consists of 11 floors and is the second largest Mall in Pakistan after the Lucky One Mall in Karachi.

So Lucky One Mall is the largest shopping mall in Pakistan and comes in the category of the largest shopping mall in the world in terms of area. Due to its popularity, more than 44000 people visit this Mall daily.

It is a very versatile Mall with shopping outlets and brand stores. There are more than 200 local and international brands there, and it also consists of 4-star hotels. Like the malls in Karachi, it also has 9-screen cinemas, due to which the people get a lot of entertainment along with the shopping.

Emporium Mall is made for people of all types, which is why it comes up with a special food court with a seating capacity of 3000 people at one time. So if you are a food lover and shopping, you must visit the emporium Mall. Not only this, it is flooded with many other things such as large hypermarket restaurants, bounces, banquet halls, etc.

Facilities available in Emporium Mall

  • The 5-star hotel has 110 rooms.
  • A big food court provides all kinds of food, including desi, Chinese, and fast food.
  • Universal cinemas, which is a multi-screen cinema complex.
  • Hypermarket by Carrefour.
  • The largest indoor theme park with 6 different play zones
  • More than 200 high-class brand stores.
  • Banquet hall, or marriage ceremonies.

Location of Emporium Mall

16M Abdul Haque Rd, Trade Centre Commercial Area Phase 2 Johar Town, Lahore

Fortress Emporium Square Mall

Fortress Square Mall is present inside the fortress stadium and is the main attraction for the people who visit fortress stadium regularly. It consists of five stories and is a great entertainment complex.

You can also visit this Mall if you love shopping and want to enjoy new things. Most surprisingly, it comprises many National and International brands, from food to clothes.

If you normally go out to enjoy yourself with your friends and family, then you must visit this Mall to give you a relaxing shopping experience.

It consists of 100 leading shopping brands from where you can get anything according to your style. Not only shopping, but you can also enjoy other types of entertainment to fulfill your shopping needs.

You will enjoy the food court of this shopping mall. If you want to enjoy your food to the fullest, you should dine on the terrace. Dining on the terrace will give you a great feeling with delicious food.

You can also access other enjoyable things outside the Mall, such as restaurants, cinemas, Joyland, and other recreational activities. The reason is that the Mall is located in the main fortress stadium.

Facilities available at Fortress Square Mall

  • The Food Court is present on the 4th floor.
  • 100 stores are present, which helps different types of people get stuff such as perfumes, clothes, shoes, and much more
  • Two floors of a super space gaming zone are present for young adults.
  • Play areas for children are also available.

Location of Fortress Square Mall

Shahrah-E-Quaid-E-Azam, Mian Mir Bridge, inside Fortress Stadium, Lahore, Road

Amanah Mall

Amana Mall is the recently launched shopping center in Lahore. It is a great combination of excellence, variety, and innovation. It also comes in the category of the most visited malls in Lahore.

8 floors for entertainment, food, and shopping are present. The Food Court is very popular due to the delicious food available there. You will be surprised to know that 4 floors are available for underground parking. These floors are connected through escalators and elevators.

So different facilities are available at Amana Mall, such as an amusement park, health and fitness club, and food court. Like many popular shopping malls, Amana Mall also gives the users the Cineplex movie theatre or the ultimate movie experience. However, the first four floors of the Mall are made for shopping. This is why it comes up with several national and local outlets.

Facilities available at Amana Mall

  • A trampoline park is present in the Mall.
  • You will like the magic planet there.
  • Cineplex is present.
  • Food court giving delicious food.
  • Many national and local brands of clothing and shoes.
  • Basement parking is present where your vehicle is safe all the time.

Avenue Mall

Avenue Mall is a very beautiful mall present in DHA Lahore. Like the emporium Mall, the Avenue Mall is spread over 10 floors where some floors are operational.

The Mall’s third floor is particular for play land and food court.

As both things are present on the same floor, the parents can enjoy dinner or lunch, whereas children can spend time playing. The first three floors are available for shopping with more than 200 brands.

These 200 brands are national and international, and you can select the things or clothing you like. Like most other shopping malls, a supermarket is also available on the ground floor. We all know very well that supermarkets are to fulfill all grocery needs.

You will be surprised that this Mall is equipped with all the international security standards. It also gives full access to the people who require special attention. The parking of this Mall gives you parking space for 600 cars.

Facilities at avenue Mall Lahore

  • A central air conditioning system is present.
  • Parking space for 600 cars is available.
  • The advanced security system is according to international standards.
  • Beautiful building with more than 200 team members.
  • Large food courts, including MNC brands.
  • Beautiful lounges.
  • Rest areas and mosques are also available.

Xinhua Mall

The Mall is equipped with all the facilities in the shopping mall, such as branded shopping, entertainment, and food courts. This Mall is located at Mian Mahmood Ali Kasuri Road, and it is already a valuable mall in Lahore.

Due to the best features and location, the Mall is visited by thousands of people daily.

There is a huge food court at this Mall, which is one of the main reasons why most people visit it.

Not only is the food court vast and big, but it is also famous for its delicious food and cuisine. So Xinhua Mall is the most beautiful shopping mall and has all the facilities such as shopping and entertainment.

Facilities available at Xinhua Mall

  • Several ATMs are available for customers.
  • The parking area is good and gives you easy access.
  • Unlike other shopping malls, it comprises different sewing and alterations in women’s, men’s, and kid’s clothing.

It is a great place to meet up with friends because free Wi-Fi services are handy.

Defense shopping mall

As the name depicts, the Defence shopping mall is in the defense area. It also comes in the category of the largest Mall in Lahore. It is developed by the Rafi group and industries offering you a premium shopping experience.

Defense shopping mall has beautiful contemporary designs with many local and national brands. You will like its spacious interior layout. Due to its great design, entertainment, and shopping experience, it is visited by thousands of people every day.

If you love designer shopping, then the defense shopping mall is just made for you as it gives you all the clothing according to modern fashion. You will be impressed by its home improvement products and women’s clothing.

People usually visit this Mall due to the presence of high-quality home improvement brands, outlets, and boutiques. The thing I like about the defense shopping mall is that I feel very comfortable shopping.

So it is a great shopping mall with a pleasant, environmentally relaxing shopping experience.

Facilities available at a defense shopping mall

  • The real hub of entertainment.
  • Food Court is available.
  • The parking facility is great.
  • Leading shopping brands are present.