If you are looking for the best Camps Bay hotels, you are in the right place. Camps Bay is one of the most popular destinations in Cape Town and in South Africa. The suburb on the Atlantic Seaboard is one of the most desirable places with pristine white beaches and a vibrant culture. But you don’t have to be millionaire to enjoy what Camps Bay offers. Cape Town is famous for offering world class ocean side escapes at the fraction of what you would pay in other countries. There is also a lot of things to do in Cape Town and many of the experiences like its pearly sandy beaches are free. We have created this list of our favourite hotels to stay in while in Camps Bay.

How To Choose A Hotel In Camps Bay

There are 2 main things to consider when looking for a hotel in Camps Bay.


The first will be location. There are ideally two general areas to consider.

The popular option would be to be as close as possible to the beach. The benefits to this are quite evident. You will be close to everything i.e. the beach and the promenade which is the commercial and cultural centre of Camps Bay.

The second ideal location would be in what is the back row of camps bay. These areas are closer to the Twelve Apostles Mountain range. The attractive features of staying near the mountain is that in the best places, you will have views over the whole of Camps Bay. These areas are also removed from the traffic nearer to the beach which means that they will be quieter and more peaceful. Some of the best views in the whole of Camps Bay can be enjoyed from places like Sea Star Rocks which is listed below.


The final factor to consider will be price. Camps Bay is an opulent that signifies the exclusive heights of South Africa. There is an abundant supply of 5 star establishments and word class luxuries for those who prefer the finer things. But even if you don’t have deep pockets, you can still enjoy what Camps Bay has to offer at reasonable prices. We have classified this list into the best of the best, as well as value-for -money destinations that are more affordable.

List Of Best Camps Bay Hotels

Twelve Apostles Hotel & Spa

This one is possible the most popular hotel in Camps Bay. The 5 star award-winning hotel offers world class accommodation and services to guests. The hotel takes its name from the Twelve Apostles, the mountain range that forms the backdrop of Camps Bay and much of the Atlantic Seaboard. You have 360 degree views, with the Atlantic ocean from the front, and the twelve apostles and Table mountain on the flanks. View from Twelve Apostles Hotel Balcony The rooms are decorated in gentle colors and will accommodate up to two people. All amenities that you could want are available on the premises, including free private parking. Services that are available to guests include free transfers to Camps Bay and the V&A Waterfront. Over and above lodgings, there is a lot to enjoy about the Twelve Apostles. The Azure restaurant is a destination within a destination, serving both local and international dishes made from organic ingredients. Room at Twelve Apostles Hotel The location is tucked away from the greater suburb of Camps Bay, along the M6 highway. This means that the hotel is largely inaccessible by transport means outside of motor vehicles. There is, however, a shuttle service open to all guests for transfers and commutes while at the hotel. Service is off the 1st class order, with super friendly staff that is always on hand to cater to your needs. You really get to feel like royalty when you are visiting here. A niggle that one might have is that the interior furniture can feel a bit dated to those who have gained a preference for the more modern and minimalist decorating and furniture that is adopted in most places. Aside from that, there is all the feeling of luxury that you could want.  

Sea Star Rocks Boutique Hotel

When you are in Camps Bay, there are two ideal locations as mentioned above. One is being right on the beach front where all the action is happening. The other is being at high up in the mountains where you can see all off Camps bay. Sea Star Rocks is that latter and one of the best at that. This boutique hotel is spread out over 4 levels on a mountain slope. When you approach the entrance, you are greeted by a double volume window space that gives you a view over Camps Bay like nothing else. Views from Sea Star Rocks Boutique Hotel In Camps Bay, everybody has sea views but this is one of the properties that truly has the best of both worlds, with ceiling adjacent windows that serve to frame the cliffs out back. You have the Atlantic to the West, Lions Head to the North, and the Twelve Apostles Mountain Range to the East. Kasteelpoort hiking trail starting point is directly opposite to the Sea Star Rocks’ entrance. This location is also great if you are looking for a peaceful escape. It is located in the quiet and private part of the suburb, away from the hustle and bustle of the beachfront. Room at Sea Star Rocks Hotel The hotel has for different rooms or suites of varying sizes, all with sea views. The best of them is the Sea Star Penthouse. The hotel is a 5 Stars with all the amenities you expect. The rooms are decorated in chick style with different themes for each space. Sea Star Rocks’ pool deck is the perfect relaxation area to luxuriate with a birds eye view over the Atlantic Seaboard. You can spend a late afternoon on one of the many loungers with a cocktail in hand, and take in one of the best experiences that is the sunset over the ocean from this elevated location.  

Atlanticview Cape Town Boutique Hotel

Atlanticview Cape Town Boutique hotel is another 5-Star establishment that ranks highly in our books. The design of this boutique accommodation is a non-pretentious experience where the intention is to make you feel at home and relax in true style. Atlanticview has panoramic views that take in the Lion’s Head and Table Mountain, sweeping to the Atlantic Ocean. Atlanticview Cape Town Boutique Hotel This 15 year hotel is ever evolving and everything in the hotel is modern and luxurious. The rooms are spacious with comfortable beds that come with a range of pillows. Bathrooms are luxurious and there are nice touches like a fresh rose, bathrobes and a daily weather report. As a guest, you get a great suite of amenities to enhance your retreat. They have two infinity pools that are heated with solar power, allowing you to throughout the year. Coupled with jacuzzi jets and lighting effects, this makes the pools a sensor experience for unwinding and basking in the uninterrupted view that spills out toward the ocean. The hotel is located high up in the suburb of Camps Bay 500 metres from the popular Kasteelpoort hiking trail. For your dining requirement, breakfast is served daily and included continental and English breakfast. In the afternoons and evenings, a light menu is offered on the terrace, including treats like sous-vide fillet, salmon platters, and various other exotic dishes. Room at Atlanticview Hotel If you are planning to see the sights and need help with planning your itinerary, Atlanticview has a registered tour guide to give guests exclusive private guided tours to the Cape Winelands and all the way up to Hermanus for whale watching. A focus is placed on luxury and the in-house fleet consists of Mercedes Benz vehicles and a Range Rover for airport transport and an on request taxi service. Everything is made for you to let go and enjoy your time. The attentive staff make sure that all is well and the owner is always on-site and checks up on guests.  

POD Camps Bay Boutique Hotel

POD is a mix of modern architectural spendor and green living, wrapped up in luxury. The inspired design is distinctive and complements its beach environment wonderfully. The design is pleasing to the eye and everything is spotless. Location is top shelf as well, with the beach being a few steps away, right down the road from the hotel. You can enjoy the views of the mountain or the ocean from your room. The outside pool area by the bar is a great place to take it all in. Bar at POD Camps Bay Everything at the POD is well thought out, with great attention to details. It’s the little things that enhance your experience, like a beach bag with towels for you to head out with, to the international plugs and sockets, care kits and many more. If you aren’t in your room, you can spend time at the bar which has a laid back atmosphere and attentive staff. The lobby also has an awesome view. There is a gym facility on the property and a range of quality of life things like a coffee maker in your room. The breakfast is scrumptious and you can enjoy it in your room if you don’t feel like leaving your haven. The menu is varied with a good selection of healthy options. There is a mini buffet option as well as a la carte. Room at POD Camps Bay The staff goes above and beyond with every aspect of hospitality to make your stay amazing. All the rooms in the boutique hotel have views. There is secure parking on-site and they can even park your car for you if you are not comfortable parking it yourself The only thing that works against the place is being behind a tall apartment building which obstructs a lot of the view. But to be far, the POD is not the only great hotel with this problem But all things considered, the location is on of the best in Camps Bay and there are sufficient views from the terrace.  

Camps Bay Retreat Hotel

Camps Bay Retreat Hotel is included in this list because it’s a great place to stay and also to add a bit of variety to the locations. While most of the hotels in Camps Bay adopt a modern and chic approach, Camps Bay Retreat Hotel is ideal for those who enjoy a more rustic style of decoration. The property takes an approach more rooted in old world charm, with natural materials and woods with warm earthy colors. The rooms sport the traditional design but with modern sensibilities and well-chosen furniture pieces. Room at Camps Bay Retreat Hotel The surrounding environment plays a big part the aesthetic, with the hotel nestled close to the Twelve Apostles Mountain Range. It makes the most of the environment to give you to characters, with ocean views on one side and the idyllic forest like atmosphere on the other side. You will find as much joy exploring the estate as visiting other attractions in the city. A stroll through the reserve can include an amazing landscape of greenery, a small river and birdlife. View at Camps Bay Retreat Hotel Established all the way back in 1929, This estate has a rich history that goes as far back as the early founding years of Camps Bay. If you like history and all things classical, this might just be the best place you can stay in Camps Bay. Von Kamptz is the in-house restaurant at Camps Bay Retreat. They offer an a la carte menu that run the gamut from traditional South African dishes to classics and modern inventions. There is also a rustic themed spa on the property where you can unwind and enjoy a selection of spa treatments.  

The Bay Hotel

If you search for best hotels in Camps Bay, then The Bay Hotel will come up in most of the results, and with good reason. It is safe to say that this hotel has the best location in Camps Bay, bar none. It is also a prominent landmark in the suburb and can be seen from many locations in Camps Bay. The Bay Hotel is right in front of Camps Bay beach The Bay Hotel Camps Bay Front No matter how exciting or tiring your day has been, you will always look forward to getting back to your hotel room. When staying here, you have direct access to the long list off attraction that Camps Bay has to offer. There are a lot of decorative pieces and quirky touches that give the hotel a special feeling. The rooms and suites at The Bay Hotel are purposefully designed to take advantage of its unassailable location. The decoration style has an eclectic style and uses soft and neutral materials to for a modern style that still feels warm. The hotel has four different restaurants, each with a distinctly unique style that maximizes the scenic surroundings. Tides Restaurant is the breakfast venue where you can enjoy fresh fruits and backed goodies or even just for a morning Coffee. It has one of the best views in the hotel, thanks to the full size glass windows. Heartier meals can be enjoyed at Bistro @ The Bay. When you want to let loose, Sandy B’s Private Beachclub and Caamil’s Bar round up the experiences for a comprehensive suite of leisure.

Room at The Bay Hotel

If you are planning to see the sights around cape town, the hop on and off bus has one of its stops right outside of the hotel. The facilities include four swimming pools, gym and tennis and squash courts. Parking is available but at an additional cost. If you are interested in fitting some pampering into your stay, there is a spa on the property with different monthly special packages.  

Affordable Hotels in Camps Bay

3 On Camps Bay Boutique Hotel

3 On Camps Bay is the first of your value for money hotels in Camps Bay. One thing must be made clear, though. In Camps Bay, when you talk about value for money, it’s not like in other places. If you are compromising, it is on first class problems like uninterrupted views or proximity to the beach. The standard of the accommodation is high across the board, so you are never giving up much in when it comes to the quality of the lodgings. 3 on Camps Bay Hotel 3 on Camps Bay is a luxury guest house that still offers you the pampered lifestyle, but at a more affordable price point. This hotel is one of the top picks for people looking to stay in Camps B ay without paying an arm and a leg. It has 16 rooms and is located in a cul de sac 600m away from the beach. You have a choice between rooms and suites of varying sizes, as which accommodate two people, or a garden cottage which can accommodate up to four. The street where it is located is nice and quiet while still being in close proximity to the action. Lounge at 3 on Camps Bay The style of the accommodation is guest house with a full English breakfast served every morning. For later meals, you can go to any of the numerous restaurants along the promenade which is a 10 minute walk away. The property is located well enough that you have views from all of the west-facing rooms. The outside pool area where you can relax also is also in an elevated position with views. In addition, There is a communal area upstairs with perfect views for the sunset Parking is available on the site and is free.  

Houghton View Guest House

Houghton View Guest House is a villa that has the perfect blend between modern sophistication and classical elegance. The villa, which is frequented by A-list guests, offers word class accommodation that can be enjoyed by the leisure or business traveller. Guest have a choice between 6 suites, each uniquely themed and inspired by the natural expect of Cape Town that it encapsulates. Rooms are spacious, modern and comfy, with each having its own special view. The firm favourite is the Atlantic Suite. The suite boasts some of the best views you can get in Camps Bay, with ocean to the front and mountain views to the rear, all of which can be seen from the bed. Breakfast is served daily and you have the option of having it in dining area or on the pool or sun decks while soaking in the views. All the services expected are of a luxury establishment will be found here. There is a concierge service for assistance with planning your activities and travel arrangements. If you are driving, there is covered parking on site with ample space that is safe and secure.

Room at Houghton View Guest House

If you want to unwind with some beverages, a cocktail menu is available for you to indulge in sundowners. Houghton View also has a special selection of milkshakes made from delectable ingredients like Nutella, Ferrero Rocher and others. The location of Houghton View is also convenient. Camps Bay Beach and the nearby restaurants are 1km away, which is 5 minutes by car or 15 minutes if you want to walk.  

South Beach Camps Bay Boutique Hotel

South Beach stands its ground against many of the pricier hotels in Camps Bay, with its location, a mere 50m away from Camps Bay Beach and the commercial stretch of Camps Bay on Victoria Road. The hotel boast 6 sea-facing suites that are decorated in chic modern décor. Every aspect of the hotel’s design and decoration is well thought through and it feels almost better than home. The service given by the staff is impeccable and everything is spotless. The areas are made to be lived in and you might be torn between staying in and hearing out to explore the city. There are two pools with a sun deck and bar that just beg for you to kick back and unwind while soaking in the views of the ocean a stone’s throw away. Room at South Beach Camps Bay Boutique Hotel South Beach is a self-catering establishment with self-served breakfast is available for ordering. The fact that the breakfast is self-service might be a point of complaint if you are looking for full catering. In that instance, eating out is the order of the day. Otherwise, you can place and order the fridges are fully stocked with everything from eggs for your omelette to champagne. Thanks to its prime location, finding food is a breeze, with all of Camps Bay’s best restaurants being literally down the road. If you want squeeze in your workout, there is an on-site gym facility with a modest set of equipment. A more enthralling option is a jog along the promenade near Camps Bay Beach.  

Camps Bay Beach House

Camps Bay Beach House caps off our list with great value at an affordable price point. It is situated on Geneva Drive, which is nearer to the mountainside. The property boasts views over the suburb of camps bay and the ocean at street level. All of the units are well equipped with air conditioning, and all the appliances you need on your stay. Each room also has a private bathroom and a balcony with a garden view. Private parking is available and free if you are driving, and there is high speed internet available throughout the property. Camps Bay Beach House takes inspiration from a Victorian style of architecture and the décor inside the property is a merging of that classical design with contemporary sensibilities. The décor is light and airy, with full-sized windows in the lounge area that bring in the blues of the ocean. Camps Bay Beach House Lounge One thing that should be noted is that this lodging is located on a somewhat busy road and you can hear cars driving past. Other than that, this is some of the best bang for buck that you can get if you are looking for something that is easier on the pockets while still enjoying the luxury of Camps Bay.