If you are looking for the best shuttle services in Potchefstroom, you are in the right place. Whether you are looking for a shuttle to the airport or a daily shuttle to the next nearby town, there are shuttle services companies that satisfy the demand for private transport.

List of Shuttle Services in Potchefstroom


Shuttle Services In PretoriaShuttleHub specialises in private shuttle transportation across Gauteng, North West, Mpumalanga, Durban and Cape Town. They have been operating since 2019 and are steadily growing or footprint to cover greater parts of South Africa, including the underserved areas like Potchefstroom.

Their key offering is to provide extensive coverage, especially in smaller cities where the shuttle services are not as widespread. Whether you are looking for a daily shuttle between Potch and the nearest town, or a transfer to the airport, they have you covered and at an affordable price point.

ShuttleHub has a range of vehicle categories and can an individual with smaller cars such as a sedan, or groups of up to 15 or more, with our minibus vans.


  • Fleet consists of different vehicle categories
  • Easy obligation-free quotes by online quote or Whatsapp
  • Affordable pricing


  • No shared shuttle, only private shuttle services

Loktion Shuttle

Loktion shuttle is a reliable shuttle company in Potchefstroom that also has a good track record. They have been operating officially since 2020, so this is officially their fifth year in business. In that time, they have served a whole lot of clients for both private and corporate transportation services. Loktion shuttle is the only one of the shuttle services that is based expressly in Potchefstroom.

They have a diverse range of vehicle categories, from luxury sedans, to people carriers that include a Hyundayi H1 and the trusted Toyota Quantum that can carry 15 passengers.

Additinally, their prices are also very affordable, especially if you compare them to prices that are charged in larger towns.

Their services include event transportation, scholar transport and point to point transfers.


  • Based in Potchefstroom (so you support local business by going with them)
  • Various vehicle categories to satisfy different needs
  • The prices are very affordable.


  • None


City Bug is a larger shuttle service company that serves various areas in the North West Province and in Mpumalanga. Their specialty is specifically in shared scheduled shuttles, which is a shuttle services that runs a specific route at a specific time, and as a customer you can buy a ticket on the shuttle. This type of shuttle is more affordable, but does not have the freedom and convenience of a private shuttle.

The head office of City Bug is in Nelspruit Mpumalanga and they have 3 shuttle routes that run through Potchefstroom. They there routes are

  • 1 daily shuttle to and from  Potchefstroom and Pretoria
  • 1 daily shuttle to and from  Potchefstroom and OR Tambo International Airport
  • 1 daily shuttle to and from  Potchefstroom and Nelspruit

All of the shuttles leave Potchefstroom at 13:15


  • Scheduled shuttle so cheaper prices between nearby towns
  • They also have bus services for very large groups
  • Well established company


  • They are not based in Potchefstroom
  • They only operate a scheduled shuttle in Potch

LimeTime Shuttle

LimeTime is another shuttle service that operates similarly to CityBug. Their speciality is in scheduled shuttles that run on a daily basis between designated points. They are one of the most established operators, having been launched in 2013 and have been in business for more than 10 years.

They operate extensively in Mpumalanga, Gauteng, North West, and the Free State. They have two daily shuttles that run through Potchefstroom. You can buy a ticket for at trip to Klerksdorp, or the other locations in the opposite direction, which include stops in Fochville, OR Tambo and more. For more details, you can look at their routes and schedules on their website.


  • Well established company with 11 years in business
  • Affordable shuttle between Klerksdorp and Potch
  • Call centre is available 24/7


  • No private shuttle available in Potchefstroom